Don't Just Drive...Drive the GREEN Zone!

Number of Accidents Allowed
3 or More
Number of Tickets Allowed
3 or More
Suspended License Allowed
Felony Conviction Allowed
DUI or DWI Allowed
Minimum OTR Experience Months
0 Months
Minimum OTR Experience Years
1 Year

OK, let's talk NORTHEAST! 

Now we know that most drivers don't like driving up in the Northeast and that's understandable.  However, the Northeast is a prime freight area for the trucking industry and Heartland likes to pull it because it makes us good money and it makes our drivers good money.

How so?

We call it the Green Zone!  Any time you get up east of I-81 from New York down to Maryland, we will pay you and extra $.04 per mile on all your miles east of that line.  So if you're already making $.48 per mile, you'll be at $.52 per mile when you're in that zone.  What makes it even better is that we do everything we can to stay out of NYC.  So the Northeast doesn't mean you're going to be driving the 5 burroughs and Long Island day after day.

EXP     No/Haz     W/Haz

1 yr      $.48            $.49
2 yr      $.485          $.495
3 yr      $.49            $.50
4 yr      $.495          $.505
5 yr      $.50            $.51
6 yr      $.505          $.515
7 yr      $.51            $.52

*Includes $.01 per mile annual safety bonus, and $.04 per mile Green Mile Bonus for running in the NE.

So why just drive?  Drive the Green Zone!  Click on the "Apply To Job" button today to instantly submit your application!

Green Zone is considered: PA, MD, DE, NJ, NY (south of Utica), MA, CT and RI.

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