Apps for Professional Drivers

Smartphones seem to offer apps for just about everything these days. No matter what your profession or area of expertise, you can always find some truly great quality apps that can keep you entertained, productive and informed. Professional truck drivers can improve their everyday lives by downloading certain useful apps from the Android Market for free.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a great app that all truckers must have on their Android smartphone. It is free and allows you to located Wi-Fi hotspot areas. However, unlike many other types of Wi-Fi finder apps, this one works by giving you directions via GPS so that you can easily find locations that offer free Wi-Fi. You can also save the best locations along your routes, which means you can automatically connect when you return.

My DAT Trucker Services

My DAT Trucker Services is another great free app for truckers to download to their Android powered phone. It is useful because it offers drivers who are on the road plenty of information about truck stops, food markets, rest stops in every state, gas prices and other vital details pertaining to things that are important and essential for every trucker. The app runs on a network called the DAT Load Monitor and delivers continuous updates straight to your smartphone on a regular basis.

FuelLog Pro

FuelLog Pro is another great app you can get for free on the Android Market. It enables truckers to save money by tracking the costs of fuel, as well as maintenance and consumption of it. It is a handy app to have right at your fingertips, especially when you are on particularly long trips. It features a clean and easy to use interface, where you can manage your expenses toward your gas and mileage as well as any repairs you have to make on your truck while on the job.


Trapster is a very useful app that truckers will greatly appreciate. It is GPS based and allows you to track speed on the road and highway on a minute by minute basis. It is free and allows you to report any events or situations you happen to notice while on the road. You can also view a road map while on your route.

CAT Scale Locator

CAT Scale Locator is another great free app that truckers will find quite handy. It helps to find CAT Scale locations anywhere, right at your fingertips on your Android phone. You can save these locations based on GPS and even create your own custom map for your route prior to beginning your trip.

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I use the WiFi finder all of the time - helps me get a connection for my laptop.

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