The Best Healthy Non-Perishable Foods

When on the road, it is often hard to stay on track with eating a healthy diet.  Road-side restaurants offer tempting choices of hot and tasty food and are a convenient stop. While their offerings may make a person’s stomach rumble with hunger, they are not only expensive but also laden with fat and cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to eat healthy while on the road. Therefore, the following list of non-perishable foods is offered to help anyone who travels for a living to choose convenient and healthy options that will keep them satisfied while they are driving.

Assorted Nuts

Pecans, almonds and cashews are all great sources of protein that can provide a quick fix for someone who is beginning to feel hungry while on the road. There are a variety of different mixtures and flavors that are sure to please anyone’s palate. While nuts are best in their raw form, companies such as Planters, offer peanuts that are flavored with honey or even sprinkled with sea salt. These can also be found virtually anywhere from a truck stop to a neighborhood store.

Dried Fruits

Most fruits can be dried to increase their shelf life. When fruits are dried, they retain both their delicious flavor and their health benefits. Dried fruits can be a great source of fiber and vitamin C. Additionally, they can be mixed with nuts to create a delicious snack that is both healthy and delicious. Dried fruits are usually found along with nuts in the local store, or they can be found in nearby farmer’s markets and shops that sell hand-made goods.


Oatmeal comes in both instant and slow cook varieties that can be stored in a vehicle for long periods of time as long as the oats are kept dry. Making oatmeal on the road simply requires some water and a heat source such as a microwave. In order to increase the flavor, fruit can also be mixed into the oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates and fiber that can be found at the local grocery store. Instant mixes from brands such as Quaker Oats can also be found in convenience stores and quick stops.

Canned Vegetables and Fruit

Canned foods have some of the highest shelf lives among all different types of food. Even better, the canning process has been shown to have very little effect upon the amount of nutrients that a fruit or vegetable provides. Therefore, they can be a great alternative when fresh produce is not available. Brands such as Del Monte can be found in local stores, or some people may be fortunate enough to find home canned goods at a farmer’s market.

Protein and Granola Bars

For a nutrient-rich snack, protein and granola bars can provide optimum nutrition for travelers while also having a great shelf life. Cliff bars and Nutrigrain cereal bars are two great options that can be eaten for lunch, breakfast or even a quick snack. Like most non-perishables, they can be found at a variety of convenient locations.

When selecting a non-perishable food to keep stocked in a vehicle for long road trips, it is important to ensure that they will provide a healthy dose of nutrition. Foods such as protein bars and nuts can serve as a replacement for meat as they provide both iron and protein. Additionally, dried and canned fruits help to provide fiber and a multitude of necessary vitamins. When a person eats a variety of healthy foods on the road, then they will feel revitalized and healthy as they hit the road for their next trip.

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