Hands-Free Blue Tooth Devices

In today's world of consumer electronics, there is no shortage of hands free bluetooth devices available for purchase. Unfortunately, marketing and advertisement for these devices is almost nonexistent. That begs the question: When purchasing a hands free device, how do you know that you are making the right decision? Which one will be of the best quality, and suit all of your needs?

There are many different types of bluetooth devices, but they can mostly be summed up into two different styles: over/in the ear, or car kit. Either of these provides the advantage of not having to deal with cords, and allows you to keep both hands on the wheel for a safer driving experience.

For over the ear styles, one company that has been producing exceptional quality from the very beginning is Aliph, makers of the Jawbone bluetooth headset. The latest revision is called the Jawbone Era, and outclasses any other bluetooth headset that that dares to be compared. The Era's features are nearly endless, allowing you to do almost anything you could imagine with a bluetooth headset. High definition noise and wind reduction means you won't have to worry about rolling up all your windows before answering a call. As for answering a call itself? It's as easy as just giving the headset a small tap anywhere on the device, thanks to the built in accelerometer (a first of its kind). You can even give the device a shake when you're not wearing it to answer a call, then place it back into your ear. The Era also screams style and customization right out of the box, with a modernized look that you won't be ashamed to wear once you leave the vehicle. Included are 8 different ear loops and hooks to make sure you get that perfect fit. Aliph's MyTalk service is also supported, meaning easy syncing with your current address book (for issuing voice dial commands), and the ability to speak and send text messages.

If over/in the ear isn't quite for you, then car kits are a excellent option. One such manufacturer of high quality car kits is Parrot, who you may not be familiar with, but you definitely should. The Parrot PF300008AA model easily snaps over your sun visor and contains voice menus, voice navigation, and automatic phone book sync for up to 2,000 contacts. If you would like to do more than just calling, Parrot also offers a top of the line model, the MKi9200. Although more expensive, this hands free set features a 2.4" LCD screen for visual caller ID and menu navigation. It will typically require an professional installation, but this allows the device to output incoming calls through your automobile's interior speakers for both loud and crystal clear conversations. If you have an MP3 collection on your phone, you can use the bluetooth connection with the MKi9200 to output music to your speakers, as well. Traveling with company? The MKi9200 allows up to 5 devices to be connected simultaneously.

In conclusion, both types of device have their advantages. With the aforementioned devices, quality is not a concern, as you can expect nothing but the best. As far as personal preference goes, it really all comes down to whether you would feel more comfortable wearing your device in/over the ear, or over your sun visor (although it can realistically be placed anywhere in the car you would like). The choice is yours!

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