Cheetah App Helps Ward Transport

Ward Transport and Logistics, a trucking company in the United States, has decided to make extensive use of a cutting-edge mobile application known as Cheetah Mobile in order to improve efficiency and service across their considerable network. The Cheetah Mobile app was created by leading software creator Cheetah Software Services, which has provided the truck driving world with some of its most sought-after software for many years. Cheetah Software Services is known for its next-generation applications that address the logistics and efficiency problems that are the bane of truck driving jobs.

Cheetah’s new app runs exclusively on Android devices and is expected to drastically improve the trucking services provided by Ward. Ward expects Cheetah Mobile to help its trucks operate more efficiently, be more attuned to the needs of the customers, and provide a service that is more punctual than ever.

This will all be made possible by Cheetah Mobile’s unique approach to the data needed by Ward’s field workers. Cheetah Mobile will allows both ends of Ward’s operation to stay better informed about the other and will allow any problems that arise to be more immediately addressed. Using Cheetah Mobile, those with truck driving jobs will be able to more easily connect with dispatch workers, management, customer service providers, and even the customers themselves if necessary. Urgent communication can be done via two-way messaging, while less urgent information can be sent via regular ETA updates. Products will be carefully tracked via an assortment of POD verification techniques that include signature capture, barcode scanning, and even photos of the products themselves.

Cheetah Mobile also provides navigational services including voice directions, turn-by-turn instructions, and delivery and pickup information in real time. The app has a sleek, modern interface that trucking companies across the board have described as user-friendly and intuitive. This touch screen interface is completely standardized for all devices, meaning that once an employee learns the platform, he will be able to use Cheetah Mobile regardless of the trucking position in which he may work in the future. Cheetah Mobile also features an embedded assistance function that users can take advantage of when they need help instead of having to call a support hotline.

The Android platform that Cheetah Mobile runs on is featured in a large number of different tablet and smartphone models and is available for use with all major cell phone service providers in the United States. It will even work on older Android models and can be used on both devices with physical keyboards and those without them.

The tablets used by Ward Transport and Logistics feature large touch screens that will make using the Cheetah Mobile app even easier and more efficient. Even the implementation process was found to be easy and efficient, and Ward recently announced that it was completed nearly six weeks ahead of schedule. Since then, Ward’s trucking experts have expressed an almost unilaterally favorable response to the app. In general, they are reporting that the Cheetah Mobile app together with these large-screened tablets enhances their workflow and even makes their work more comfortable.

Not only are Ward drivers embracing the new technology, but Cheetah Mobile has even allowed them to assist drivers from other trucking companies. Ward is very pleased with the new Cheetah Mobile software.

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