Personal Counseling for OTR Drivers

Anr professional driver knows - OTR driving can lead to a great deal of stress. Situations such as tight schedules, long weeks away form home, and dispatcher pressures can have a profound effect on a person’s mental health. Understanding these symptoms and having a plan for mental health is essential for good health and a productive work career.

It is important for the trucker to decide which methods of treatment will be mentally fulfilling and unobtrusive to the job. Some truckers who prefer to see only one mental health care doctor may want to choose a health care provider that offers unlimited access to nurses or other medical personnel that can properly provide temporary solutions until the trucker is able to return. The provider should be open to adjusting the schedule when it’s time to be treated allowing the professional driver as much flexibility as needed.

When truckers seek a regular mental health care provider in their hometown, the provider chosen should be able to provide ways to obtain prescriptions while on the road. The benefits of technology have caused numerous mental health care facilities to utilize e-prescriptions which eliminate the need for paper. These providers have the ability to electronically send prescription medications to pharmacies nationwide. Once the prescription is given to the pharmacist, truck drivers can access prescribed medication from associated pharmacies in different states. This method may work best for truck drivers who prefer to receive mental health treatment from one facility.

Strategically located health care clinics designed especially for truck drivers are becoming more common. These health care clinics cater to the needs of the professional driver by understanding time- sensitivity, quickly treating the patient, and being in convenient areas that are frequented by drivers. By taking advantage of these special health care clinics, truck drivers no longer have to wait until they return home to receive the treatment that is needed. If face-to-face interaction is important, professional truck drivers will enjoy the perks of these clinics. Qualified trucker health care clinics can provide the mental services and possibly the medication that is needed to make sure that the professional driver is mentally prepared for the journey.

To find a mental healthcare provider at home or on the road, professional drivers should obtain a list of providers from the insurance company or do research online. Selected providers should be made aware of the profession and offer ways to accommodate the driver. Truck drivers do not have to lower standards when seeking the proper mental health care doctors. A little research will help the truck driver receive the right treatment from the best mental healthcare providers.


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