GPS Review: Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 710

The IntelliRoute TND-710 GPS by Rand McNally is a fantastic navigation device for both truckers and trucking companies. This latest version has a little more of everything: the speakers are louder, the buttons are larger, the high-def screen is clearer, the maps are more readable and contain more detail. New features include setting way-points, a notepad app for adding your own details and a fully-structured calendar. Rand McNally tested this new GPS with professional drivers from busy trucking companies and incorporated their input before committing to a final design.

The TND-710 comes in both 5" and 7" sizes -- every function is intended to help the truck driver. Every phase of a driver's day, from planning the trip to driving the route to arriving and reporting, is improved with usage of the TND-710 GPS. Features beyond simple navigation, such as maintenance reminders and trucking timers, aid both the drivers and the trucking companies who employ them, making each trip as painless and efficient as possible.

Planning a route for truck driving jobs is made easy with some highly-flexible Advanced Route Customization and the Traffic Predictor, which displays traffic history along the planned route. The Multi-Stop Entire Route Preview lets you see the whole route highway by highway. Destinations can even be set by typing in the longitude and latitude. Once the trip starts, the TND-710's Virtual Dashboard presents every bit of information a trucker in full trucking mode might need at a glance, from sunrise/sunset times to current altitude to speed and odometer readings.

The TND-710 handily cross-references the Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas along with the latest updates on road construction. A truck's current location according to mile-makers can easily be pulled up on the screen. Complex interchanges can be handled with ease with the 3-D Junction View on the screen. Detail on rest areas, towing, wash and repair facilities, weigh stations and truck stops along the route can all be shown in an instant. The Enhanced Warnings feature will tell the driver about upcoming sharp curves, changes in speed limits, steep hills and even time zone lines. The Automatic Re-Route feature reduces confusion when a route must be changed.

If you add in the accessory to pull up real-time traffic reports, then the trucker has the ultimate aid for getting to the destination on time or even ahead of schedule. As the end of the trip approaches, the Am I Close feature can guide the driver along the last mile of the trip with exact instructions. After the trip, the TND-710 can produce and export a report on mileage state-by-state or by province.

The TND-710 is perfect for planning and running truck driving jobs of all types.

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Has anyone actually used this unit in OTR trucking?  Iinterested to see how it works.  Is it worth the money?

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