How To Cope With Missing Important Family Events

Working as a Class A truck driver makes for a great career path for those who are self-motivated, driven to success, and like to work independently. However, as with most truck-driving jobs, Class A driving often requires a lot of time away from home for extended periods of time as a result of the large amounts of traveling required as part of the job. And while most truck drivers know what they are getting into upon beginning their careers, this does not necessarily make it any easier when the time comes that they must miss an important family event such as a birthday, wedding, funeral, or reunion. This can be especially difficult for drivers who are new to the job, though the devastating emotional and physical effects that missing important family events has can affect experienced drivers as well.

The Effects of Missing an Event

Often times, even when given plenty of notice as to the date of such an event, there is simply no way for a Class A driver to be able to get the time off of work. Missing such events can easily lead a driver to fall into depression, which may start off as emotional distress, but can quickly evolve to display physical symptoms as well. Symptoms of depression can include lack of energy, overall fatigue, feelings of worthlessness and sadness, and even suicidal thoughts. Clearly, this is no state for a healthy driver to be in, and these symptoms of depression brought on by missing an important family event can have a hugely negative impact on their job performance.

How to Cope

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to positively cope with missing an important family event. These days, for example, advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to stay in touch with family members. Truck drivers with laptops can easily find a location with free wireless internet services and connect with other family members through video chat using one of many free software programs that are out there, such as Skype. By doing this, it is easier to feel as though they are actually there with their family. In some cases, the video chat may even be arranged at the time of the special event, such as during the party, so the driver can get a sense of being there.

Aside from video chatting, it is also helpful to cope by simply staying in touch with family members through phone calls and text messages. For truck drivers who miss a party or wedding, asking an attendee to send a party favor from the big day is a great way to obtain a personal memento of the occasion and feel as though they were there or at least a part of the big day. This can make a huge difference in the attitude of any truck driver and is a great way to combat depression as a result of not being able to attend such events.

Another option for coping is for truck drivers to make the most of the time that they have to return home. This can mean planning a special event upon their return or simply requesting to have some close friends and family members there waiting for them.

Overall, working as a Class A truck driver has its advantages and disadvantages, but being able to deal with missing family and friends can make all the difference in one's attitude in their career.

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