Update on NFL Training Camps 2012

If you’re a big NFL fan, then you definitely want to know what’s going on in training camps around the league. We’ll focus on the biggest stories so you’re well informed. This year seems to have more drama than most, which makes the upcoming NFL season especially exciting.

Let’s begin with the Titans. This is where the most intense QB competition is taking place. If you’re not familiar with the QB competition in Tennessee, it’s taking place between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. The Titans ultimately want Locker to win the job since he’s the QB of the future. Everyone from insiders at the Titans organization to NFL fans around the country are aware of this. However, there is one big roadblock, which is that Matt Hasselbeck is one very competitive guy. He is playing extremely well, which is making a decision difficult. Some people feel that Hasselbeck always had a little more in the tank than he has shown in recent years. It’s difficult to predict how this will play out, but whoever deserves the job will end up being the starter by mid-season anyway.

A more unique QB competition is taking place in Seattle. Matt Flynn will likely win the job, which should come as no surprise after he played so well while spelling Aaron Rogers in Green Bay. That said, he still has some competition. What makes this situation odd is that the competition isn’t coming from Tavaris Jackson. Instead, it’s coming from rookie, Russell Wilson.

Sticking with QBs, Kevin Kolb remains a mystery. Did Andy Reid really make him look much better than he is? Or have injuries not allowed him to show what he’s capable of? It was a scary sight against the Saints when he injured his ribs in the first pre-season game. It looked like it would be the same story all over again, but he managed to return to practice only a few days later. It looks like Kolb will do everything in his power to prevent being labeled an injury-prone QB. Even if he stays healthy, he will have to compete with John Skelton for the starting job. Reports say that Skelton has looked better in training camp, which isn’t saying much for Kolb.

Moving over to the Broncos, they are one of the favorites in the AFC. This is obviously because of the acquisition of Peyton Manning. The feeling is that if the Broncos could get as far as they did last year with Tim Tebow at QB, then they should be able to get to the Super Bowl with Manning. The NFC representative would likely present a formidable challenge, but there are no overwhelming threats in the AFC. As expected, training camp in Denver has been mostly quiet. Manning likes to stay under the radar. We do know that his meticulous planning has rubbed off on teammates in a positive manner. The only negative is yet another incident with Elvis Dumervil, even though he was not charged. In this instance, he supposedly showed a driver a gun in his waistband after experiencing road rage. However, this hasn’t been proven.

The Steelers look like they could be in trouble with two rookie offensive lineman, a WR with no interest in playing and their star RB on the shelf for the first six weeks of the season. Add a new Offensive Coordinator, an aged defense and a beat-up QB and you have a recipe for disaster. Things aren’t looking to good in Pittsburgh.

Now you have a little more information than the average NFL fan. Hopefully, the drama will continue throughout the season. It usually does.

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