Supporting Your Driving Spouse

There's no question that being married to a truck driver is difficult, especially if they are on the road for weeks at at time. It is essential that you communicate well to stay connected and keep moving forward together, despite the distance. Working out details such as who will handle bill paying is important, as is making an effort to include your spouse in everything you do when they are home. Leaving love notes and sending random text messages goes a long way toward strengthening your bond and helping your spouse feel connected to you.


One of the main concerns that many drivers have when they are on the road is not being able to see the bills and wondering if they are being paid on time. It is a good idea to have online banking set up so that you both can access your bank account to take care of anything that comes up while your spouse is away. Making a budget before your spouse leaves is a good idea. Make sure that they have enough money to spend for food, toiletries and other items while they are on the road. Most spouses of truck drivers take care of bill paying and other financial matters completely so that the driver doesn't have to think about due dates and is free to focus on their job.

Emotional Support

When your spouse leaves for an extended period of time, it is easy to get depressed. It's okay to tell your spouse that you miss them, but most of your conversations should be positive and upbeat. Hiding love notes in their truck or clothing bag is a great way to make your driving spouse feel loved. The notes will put a smile on their face when they least expect to hear from someone at home. Putting pictures with the notes or sending pictures online is another way to help your spouse feel closer to home.

Missing calls from your spouse can make you sad, especially if you don't get to hear from them often. They may feel unimportant if you don't answer the phone every time they call. It is a good idea to set up a time that your spouse can call you each day. Many people choose to talk to their spouse just before they go to bed so that the last voice they hear each night is familiar. You can even chat online or video chat if you both have computers with Internet access. It's not the same as having them home, but actually seeing friends and family while you are talking to them helps to ease loneliness.

Make Plans to Be Together

Your spouse may not know exactly when they will be home when they leave town, but they will usually know about a week before they get home. Planning a favorite activity to do together when they get back gives them something to look forward to. Even simple activities like eating dinner are special because you are able to do them together. If you have small children, try to arrange babysitting so that you can greet your spouse alone before the children see them. This will give you time to reconnect as a couple.

If your spouse will be anywhere within a day's drive of your home, it is a good idea to meet them for the day or night so that you have a little extra time to spend together. Booking a motel room and just spending a few hours together is good for you, your spouse and your relationship.

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