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Trucking Jobs in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the largest single industry in the commonwealth, with tomatoes, soy, peanuts, hay, and tobacco the biggest agricultural products. Many truckers are needed to haul these products across the country and across the region, putting truck drivers in the desirable position of being in high demand in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you want to become a truck driver in Virginia, you can apply for open positions directly from our site!

As is true elsewhere, there are three basic types of trucking jobs. OTR (Over The Road) jobs are the real long-distance hauling jobs, with routes that can take you anyplace across the country. With these jobs, you will get to see a great deal of this beautiful land of ours, and experience its different climates, topography, people, cultures, and cuisines. OTR jobs can be very exciting and interesting for people who want to explore what this country has to offer, while being employed in a lucrative career. OTR jobs are also the most numerous type of trucking jobs, and the best paid.

OTR and Regional Trucking Jobs in Virginia

Regional trucking jobs cover a smaller distance than do OTR jobs. With these positions, you stay within one area of the country, usually a region made up of several states. You still get to see different sights, meet different people, and enjoy different cuisines, but you also get to go home more frequently, typically every few days, or weekly. This type of job may appeal to people with family obligations.

The last type of trucking job covers the smallest distance of the three. Local driving jobs limit your travel to a particular metropolitan area or a city. Sometimes people with local driving jobs travel the same route with the same stops each week. Other times, the routes and stops vary. You have the advantage of knowing the type of weather you are likely to encounter as you drive, so you can plan accordingly. Also, most of the time, these routes are pretty near where an individual lives, making it possible to get home most every day. People with young children, or helping care for elderly relatives, may find this type of trucking job well suited to their needs.


What are the Requirements for Driving in Virginia?

People who wish to be truck drivers in the Commonwealth of Virginia need to apply for a Commercial Driver’s Instructional Permit, issued by the state, and leading to a Commercial Driver’s License. By federal regulations, you must be 18 years of age to apply for this permit and, until you turn 21, you will be restricted to driving within the commonwealth. Three types of commercial driver’s licenses are available: Class A, Class B, and Class C, depending upon the size and the nature of the truck you plan to drive. Most people prepare for their CDL by taking classes at a professional driving school.

To obtain your permit and license, you must hold a driver’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or show proof of identity, legal presence, residence in Virginia, and your social security card. You must provide a valid Department of Transportation Medical Examiner’s Certificate. In addition, you must pass a state-approved driver education program designed  for commercial motor vehicles, and hold an  instructional permit for at least 30 days before you take your CDL road skills test. You may need to take  a vision screening, CDL knowledge exams, and CDL road skills test.

Building Your Virginia Trucking Career

At the heart of the American trucking industry, you'll find Virginia. In this state, the trucking industry employs thousands of drivers in local, regional, and OTR jobs. Check out our list of Virginia truck driving companies to find out more about some of the largest employers in this state.

In general, truck driving salaries in Virginia are very close to those reported across the country. The average annual income for a Virginia truck driver is $37,600 (O*Net, 2015). However, reported salaries in this industry exceed $57,400 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Because this industry is such an important part of the economy, Virginia has a strong trucking community to support drivers. No matter how much time you have spent in this field, joining the Virginia Trucking Association may have quite a few benefits for you. You can attend the annual convention, get discounts on related services, and connect with drivers and company owners near you.

Virginia companies send shipments all over the country. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics notes that major destinations for Virginia shipments include North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Maryland. These shipments may include products like gravel, coal, animal feed, prepared food items, and alcohol.

Because so many truck drivers are needed, pay and benefits tend to be competitive. Medical, dental, prescription, and vision benefits are very common. 401k retirement plans are frequent, too. Paid vacation and holidays, and company-paid disability and life insurance, are other frequently-offered perks.

So if you are considering a career in trucking, now can be a great time to get started! Look into it now by contacting some of the listings below. 

If you need your CDL License, view our list of truck driving schools in Virginia to find training in your area.

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