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What Kind of Trucking Jobs are Available in Washington?

The state of Washington is the country’s leading lumber producer. Given its sizeable agricultural and lumber industries, it is no wonder that trucking jobs are part of the lifeblood of Washington.

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Comparing Washington Trucking Jobs

As is true elsewhere, there are three basic types of trucking jobs in the state of Washington. OTR (Over the Road) jobs are the most abundant, and are necessary for hauling produce, lumber, and other goods all over the country. OTR drivers cross state lines and drive as far as the eastern coast. Drivers may spend 2 to 4 weeks on the road before returning home for some family time. OTR jobs are the most common for drivers who possess a Class A license. Of all the trucking jobs, OTR jobs tend to be the highest paying and can appeal to individuals looking to maximize their earnings.

Regional trucking jobs limit your driving to a specific region of the country, such as the Pacific Northwest. Because of its proximity to Canada, some regional jobs may involve crossing international borders to deliver goods and commodities. Regional trucking jobs vary: some are very regular, with the same route week after week, including specific stops. Others vary from week to week. The good thing about these jobs is that truckers get home more often than with OTR jobs – usually several times a week, or at least weekly.

Local driving jobs are also available, and truckers in these jobs drive within the most circumscribed radius of all, often limited to a particular metropolitan area or city. With these jobs, it is possible to get home almost every day, making these jobs particularly suited for individuals with young families or with family obligations that must be met daily.

Individuals wanting a truck driving job in Washington must qualify for a Commercial Driver’s license (CDL) issued by the state. You must be 18 years of age to attain a CDL, and, until you turn 21, you will be limited to driving within the state. The first step is applying for a CDIP (Commercial Driver’s Instruction permit). You will be required to present your current driver’s license and a valid social security card, and pass a knowledge test. One of the best ways to prepare for your CDIP is to attend a professional driving school.

Requirements for Truck Drivers in Washington

As is true throughout the US, CDLs are divided into Class A, Class B, and Class C, based upon the different weight and size requirements of vehicle you will be driving. You will need to have a Medical Examiner’s Report completed. This will allow you to self-certify, which is necessary to attain your license. You will need to pass vision, written, and skills tests. If your employer requires one, you will need to pass a drug screen.

Benefits of Washington Truck Driving Careers 

Washington is one of the most important states in the trucking industry of the Pacific Northwest. When you decide to take on the trucking job in this area, it is likely that you'll be traveling at least as far as Oregon and Idaho. However, quite a few Washington companies also have local and OTR jobs for the right drivers.

Getting a good feel for the local truck driving industry is key to getting established and learning how to succeed. You can connect with major movers and shakers in the industry by joining a group like the Washington Trucking Association, which hosts many different events throughout the year. Its mission is to represent and promote the interests of all factions of the trucking industry. The association has taken a stand on the use of biodiesel fuels in trucking, arguing that it will add to the expense of hauling goods and commodities and requiring their use is not a good idea.

Many truck drivers enjoy the fact that Washington pay rates tend to be a bit higher than the national average. Per O*Net, the median reported income for Washington drivers is $42,300 per year.

Whether you are interested in an intrastate or interstate job, Washington may have what you’re looking for. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics notes that most Washington shipments stay in this state, but many loads also go to Oregon, California, Idaho, and Alaska. Products that are often transported include logs, gravel, mineral products, gasoline, and agricultural products.

Get On the Road To Success with a Washington Trucking Career

Make the decision to become a truck driver in the state of Washington! Contact the employers listed here to learn more about their job opportunities!  

You may also view our listing of Trucking Driving Schools in Washington to find a CDL school near you.

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