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Driving a big rig in Alaska offers some special challenges. With its wide open expanses, extreme winter weather and geographic location at the end of the continent, the owner operator in Alaska must be a special kind of truck driver.

Drivers who want to drive outside the state will need to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of international hauling. Crossing international borders adds a whole new layer of paperwork to the already heavy record-keeping required of drivers in the lower 48. There are additional fees, bonding procedures and customs rules to learn and understand. Working with a broker is often the simplest route to take.

Although there are about 1000 miles of Interstate highway, most of those miles are undivided two-lane roads. The four-lane segments are mainly in and around the major cities.

A lot of in-state hauling is oversize and overweight loads of oil rigging and similar equipment. Extra DOT rules and regulations apply to these loads, and the safety of both the expensive equipment and the driver is paramount. Navigating the narrow turns and rough gravel surfaces on the Haul Route (Dalton Highway) takes skill and years of experience.

Weather is always a factor in Alaska, especially during the long winters. Learning to slow down and even pull over until a severe blizzard passes goes against a driver’s natural inclination to keep on schedule. However, respecting the climate is essential to survival in a state where wet or slick roads are the norm most of the year.

Because the state is so vast, Alaska has some special rules regarding CDLs. In rural areas, a person 17 years old can earn a CDL instructional permit, as long as they have had a regular license for at least a year. Parental consent is required, however. Alaska is the only state in the Union that is authorized by DOT to offer an off-road Commercial Driver’s License. Rural residents can also earn a CDL permit without taking a skills test. There are restrictions on driving related to the rural exemptions and off-road categories.

The owner operator in Alaska has plenty of unique challenges, but if the wide-open road through breathtaking scenery is his or her cup of tea, Alaska definitely fits the bill. Whether you want to be based in Anchorage or in a more rural area, you can look for owner operator truck driving jobs in our extensive listings below. 


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