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Alaska has some beautiful sights as well as some of the longest winters you will ever experience. It can be very rewarding to find truck driving jobs in Alaska, but you have to make some comparisons between the opportunities available. If you already in Alaska or you're ready to take on the Great North, use our job listings below to find the right trucking job for you. 

Salary and Career Outlook

If you have lived in Alaska for any period of time, you are likely well aware of how important the truck driving industry in the state. There's a reason that the motto for the Alaska Trucking Association is “If you got it, a truck brought it.”

In fact, this industry is one of the largest in the state, paying out over $1 billion in wages each year and employing one-ninth of Alaska’s workers. Monday through Friday, Alaska truckers transport an average of almost 35,000 tons of freight, delivering goods to many Alaska communities that rely on truck drivers.

Alaska, when compared to other states in the country, is fairly remote. However, it has a strong transportation infrastructure that makes it possible for truckers to get all over the state. One of the most important trucking routes in Alaska is the Dalton Highway, often referred to as Ice Road. This route was made famous by the reality show Ice Road Truckers, which highlights the challenges of bringing supplies to Alaska's northern communities. Other trucking routes in this state tend to converge with the Dalton Highway.

Working in Alaska may qualify you for a competitive salary range. O*Net reports an average salary of $52,300 per year for Alaska drivers.

Important Laws and Regulations

Driving in Alaska is very highly regulated due to the harsh nature of the roads and whether. Failure to comply with the Alaskan driving laws can cause you to lose your license, so make sure to read up on all of the roadway rules before venturing on your first Alaskan OTR trip.

In addition to the safety nature of maintaining roadway laws, employers prefer to hire drivers with a clean record, and Alaska is no different.

You must adhere to federal DOT regulations when driving in Alaska. The DOT states how many hours you may drive consecutively (11) as well as the number of hours you can drive in a 7-day period (60). It is required that you submit DOT records in on a monthly basis.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you have been looking for, take a look at the job listings below and get to trucking. You can request from a number of jobs matching your criteria in one fell swoop with our two minute application.

Need your CDL License?  Find a Trucking School in Alaska.

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