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What are different types of loads truckers haul? Both trucking company drivers and owner operators haul a variety of goods.  What you haul will depend on your CDL endorsements, individual trucking companies, and may depend on the specific area of the country you live. In general, here are load definitions widely used in the trucking industry: […]

What is typical day for a truck driver? One of the biggest advantages truck drivers enjoy is the freedom and diversity of their job. Trucking is one career where no two days are ever the same.  One day may consist of driving the entire day with minimal stops.  The next day may consist of unloading […]

Are there physical requirements for truck drivers? There are certain physical requirements to be a truck driver.  Some requirements are based on the individual trucking company you are applying with, and some are federal regulations.  Truck Drivers must: have 20/40 correctable vision, 70-degree field of vision in each eye, have adequate hearing, not be an […]

What is the Future Outlook for Trucking Jobs? The outlook for trucking jobs is one of positive and continued growth. Trucking is usually one of the first industries to emerge from a recession, and especially with the rise of E-commerce, more and more firms are using trucking services to get their goods across town – […]

What type of tax deductions for truckers are available? Almost every decision and transaction that a truck driver makes can affect his/her tax bill. By keeping that in mind, owner operators and company truckers can minimize how much is owed the government – as long as the rules of the game are followed. Tax laws […]

What to expect as a first year truck driver For those who are figuring out how to become a truck driver, you should be as prepared as possible for the training you’ll need and the first year of your truck-driving career. All honest truckers will likely tell you that the first year trucking is like […]

What is a first-year truck driver salary? Are you considering a career in the trucking industry and want to know what you can expect for CDL driver salary in the first year? The following information can help you learn the ways your pay can be affected in the trucking industry.   In 2015, the Wall Street […]

What different types of trailers do drivers pull? ver-the-Road and local trucks carry many kinds of loads. To do this, they use a lot of different types of trailers that are designed for specific purposes. Some trailers can be used in many different ways, and some are for one type of hauling. Here is a look at a […]

What are some resources for learning more about the trucking industry? There are a variety of resources that support truckers and offer information about the trucking industry and trucking companies around the country. Land Line Magazine Owner Operator Independent Driver Association North American Truck Stop Network American Truck Historical Society US Department of Transportation National […]

What questions should I ask CDL schools? CDL training schools vary a great deal depending on which one you choose. The more questions you ask up front, the better a decision you will make. The most important areas to ask questions in is the financing and the structure pf the training. Here are some basics the trucking school […]