California Owner Operator Jobs


California Owner Operator Jobs

Being an Owner Operator in the State of California offers many excellent opportunities. The State exports in excess of $140 billion dollars worth of goods each year, with computers and electronics accounting for over 40% of all those exports. California also several important seaports, with the largest being the area formed by the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach in Southern California. This huge seaport is the largest in the country and nearly 25% of all of the container traffic in the country is handled there.

Changes in security and awareness since the 9/11 bombings has made accessing the ports in California a bit more difficult, but not unreasonable. Since 2009 all persons entering any MTSA regulated facility must carry a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, commonly known as a TWIC card. Currently the cost of a TWIC card is $137.25, which is good for 5 years, but the investment opens up all those potential loads.

Agriculture is also an important opportunity for Owner Operators in California. In 2008 California had more than 81,000 farms and ranches and fresh produce, dairy products, beef and more are all shipped from California to destinations all over the country.

With all of these opportunities, trucking is of course big business in California. Because of this the US Department of Transportation, along with the California Highway Patrol, maintain constant vigilance when it comes to ensuring that the trucks and drivers on the road are as safe as possible. Many permanent weight and inspection stations can be found throughout the state, and it’s not uncommon to be pulled into one of these stations for inspection.

The main North and South running Interstate in California is Interstate 5, which runs 797 miles from the International Border near Tijuana, Mexico to the Oregon State line in the north. Interstate 8 out of San Diego, Interstate 10 out of Los Angeles, and Interstate 80 out of San Francisco are three of the major East to West routes for freight moving into and out of the State. All together California has just over 2300 miles of Interstate Highways, with the majority of them being in relatively moderate climate areas. Typically the only area of California that sees regular snow fall in the winter months is the stretch of I-80 from the Nevada border west towards Sacramento.


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