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Trucking Jobs in California

California, the most populous state in the union, is the nation’s premier producer of fruits and vegetables. As these agricultural products must be hauled all over the United States, the trucking industry is flourishing in the state of California! Several types of truck driving jobs are available. OTR (Over The Road) drivers cross state lines to haul loads as far as the east coast. OTR drivers typically spend between 2 and 4 weeks a month on the road, then spending some time off with their families. OTR jobs are the most common type of jobs for individuals holding Class A licenses. OTR jobs tend to be among the highest paying in the trucking industry, and are a great choice for people who value independence and wish to earn as much money as possible.

Choose the Position That’s Right for You!

A second type of driving job available in the state of California is regional driving jobs. Regional driving jobs involve driving in a specific region of the country, such as the west coast, or the Western states. Often routes have a regularity to them giving you schedules you can depend upon. Sometimes regional jobs involve regular routes with specific stops, at other times, the routes change from week to week. Regional drivers tend to get home more often than OTR drivers making them a good choice for drivers with families and children.

A third type of driving job available in California is the local driving job. With these jobs, your route tends to be within a specific limited geographical area, such as a specific city or metropolitan area. These jobs are the closest you can get to a 9 to 5 job where you get to go home every day, making these jobs ideal for people who have young children at home.

A commercial driver license (CDL) issued in accordance with Federal Regulations is required to drive a truck in the state of California. You must be 18 years old or older to apply for a CDL and at least 21 years old to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines. If you have held any type of driver license in another state during the previous ten years, you must complete a 10 Year History Record Check form (DL 939). Most drivers take classes at a professional driving school in order to qualify for a CDL.

Requirements for Driving in California

To apply for a commercial permit, you need to

  • make an appointment with DMV
  • complete a California Commercial Driver License Application form (DL 44C).
  • complete a 10 Year History Record Check form (DL 939)
  • give a thumb print
  • have your picture taken
  • verify your social security number
  • verify birth date and legal presence
  •  pay the application fee
  • pass a vision exam
  • submit a completed Medical Examination Report form DL 51
  • pass the traffic laws and sign tests

To apply for your CDL you will need to:

  • make an appointment at a DMV CDL office for a driving test
  • bring the type of vehicle for the class you want to drive
  • pass a pre-trip inspection
  • pass a skills and driving test
  • submit to DMV a Certificate of Driving Skill (DL 170) if your employer is authorized by DMV to issue such certificates.

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Most California truck drivers belong to the California Trucking Association ( , an organization that represents the interests of truck drivers and related professionals in many areas. September 14-20 has been designated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. There are more than 3.2 million truck drivers in the United States, and more than 7 million people employed in the industry. In 2013, drivers hauled 9.7 billion tons of freight, with more than 80 percent of US cities and towns relying solely on the trucking industry for goods and commodities. Trucking is an astonishing $681.7 billion industry, representing 81.2 percent of the nation’s freight bill. Truck drivers are truly the backbone of the US economy.

Potential Benefits of Truck Driving Careers in California

California is such a large and diverse state that it often seems like it is home to several trucking industries, rather than one large statewide entity. However, whether your trucking base is located in the heart of one of California’s large cities or one of the state’s many small cities, you become a part of this trucking community when you start your career.

As you look at different trucking companies near you, you may start to realize that salaries in California tend to be slightly higher than average. The median income for a California truck driver is $41,400 per year (O*Net, 2015). Drivers with experience and seniority may be able to earn more than $63,100 per year (O*Net, 2015).

You may be curious about which type of loads you may transport and which industries most rely on California truck drivers. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics can be a great resource for California drivers. They note that there are over 2400 miles of interstate roads in California. The main states that California truckers deliver shipments to include Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas. The main materials transported by California drivers include gravel and crushed stone, mineral products, gasoline, and food products.

Clearly, California drivers are very busy. Some of the roads you may rely on during your career include California Route 115, California Route 78, California Route 58 at 33, and California Route 161 at 97.

California can be a great place from which to launch your truck driving career. Secure your future today by contacting some of the driving schools listed below!

If you don't currently have a CDL License for truck driving, we can help.  View our listing of Trucking Schools in California to get started on a great truck driving career today!

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