Connecticut CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Vision
  • Health
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card

To obtain a CDL in the state of Connecticut, you must successfully complete several qualifications before being issued a license. The state of Connecticut strictly enforces all federal guidelines and regulations in obtain a CDL license. You must provide valid documentation to provide identification, health certificate, pass a knowledge and road test, and pay state fees to get the license. 

Knowledge Test

You must bring the following items to the testing center. Your Connecticut’s driver’s license, Social Security card or current W-2 form, a valid health certificate by a medical examiner that is dated within the last two years. The knowledge test consists of 30 questions, in which you must get at least 24 of them correct. In addition, you will have to pay a $16 test fee and $30 skill test fee. Keep in mind if you fail this test, you will be required to pay the fees again.

Once you have passed the knowledge test, you will need to take the endorsement test. You must get 8 out of 10 questions correct to pass this test, which covers specifically what you will be hauling. Each endorsement cost $5 and the following endorsements are available: School Bus, Double Triples, Passenger, Liquid Bulk/Tank Cargo, Hazardous material, or Hazardous material and Tank. After both tests are completed, a $10 fee is assessed to get your CDL permit which is required before you can take the skills test.

Those who wish to take the battery of tests needed to pass the Connecticut CDL requirements must pass a drug test. Applicants will then work to pass a basic skills written test and a driving skills test.  The written skills test covers the Connecticut CDL Manual.  The driving test covers the skills you need to operate a large rig including inspections, driving, backing, and more.

Skills Test

The skills test is designed to test your abilities to inspect and operate the vehicle. You must bring the following items to the testing center: Connecticut driver’s license, CDL permit, Validated Goldenrod Application for CDL (DMV Form R-229a), appointment confirmation letter, and your health certificate. The skills test will cover inspection procedures, a staged driving course, and a road test on regular streets. You must pass the entire test, if you fail any part of the test then you will have to retake the test. You will have to wait 14 days before you can test again and pay an additional $30 for each retake of the test.

Once you have successfully completed the skills test and knowledge test, you will have successfully completed all the requirements to get a CDL in the state of Connecticut. Your license will be valid for four years and then you will have to renew the license and pay the renewal fees.

Connecticut re-licensing information requires that individuals with an expired license provide the renewal application form, and that they present two forms of identification. Re-licensing occurs every four years, with Hazmat re-endorsements occurring once every 5 years.

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