Delaware CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Health
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card

If you are looking to pick up a Delaware trucking job you must meet all of the Delaware CDL Requirements. Meeting the following Delaware licensing information requests will help you to successfully apply for the license required for the job.

Qualifications for the Delaware CDL

  • The applicant must be 18 years old to apply to drive a commercial vehicle within the state
  • The applicant must be 21 years old to apply to drive commercial vehicles outside of Delaware’s borders
  • The applicant must have driving experience of one year’s duration
  • The applicant must pass a physical examination
  • The applicant must not have any suspensions, revocations or serious infractions on their driving records

Some of the serious infractions that may disqualify people from applying for a Delaware CDL are convictions for reckless driving, driving 15 mph or more above the speed limit, dangerous lane changes, driving too closely to the vehicle in front or driving a commercial motor vehicle without a CDL.

The Tests Required for a Delaware CDL

There are two different tests that must be passed by anyone looking to obtain a CDL in Delaware. Any Delaware licensing information that you find will state the need for a written test and a road skills test.  Read the free Delaware CDL Manual to study for your written test.

If the applicants pass their written test and meet all of the qualifications, they will receive a learner’s permit that will allow them six months to learn how to operate the commercial vehicle of their choice. If six months is not long enough, applicants can apply for another six months of learning time.

The Road Skills Test

When the applicants feel ready to proceed with their skills tests, they can schedule an appointment to do so. The DMV is strict about appointment times, and they require that all applicants be on time for their appointments. If they are late, applicants may have to schedule a new appointment.

Before they will be able to begin the test, applicants will need to present the current registration and proof of insurance for the commercial vehicle they are going to drive during their examinations.

Those with a Hazmat endorsement will need to renew their license every 5 years. Delaware re-licensing information states that those who have let their license expire will need to take all relevant tests again to be relicensed.


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