Kansas CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Vision
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card

A class A license allows you to drive a truck or combination of truck and trailer weighing more than 26,001 pounds. Kansas requires a written and a driving test for a class A commercial drivers license. Besides the written and driving tests, you have to be over 18 years old, pass a vision exam and go to a doctor for a medical certificate. If you plan on driving outside Kansas, you'll have to be 21 years of age or older. You have to have a drivers license from Kansas that hasn't been revoked, suspended cancelled or denied. You can't have been convicted of driving while impaired in the 24 months before you apply.

There are tests that are required for all of the various CDLs available in the state. These tests, both written and performed, will require knowledge on inspections, operation, and driving. View the free Kansas CDL Manual to study for your written test.

Most drivers will want to get a hazardous materials (Hazmat) endorsement. You have to submit your fingerprints and pass a background check and get clearance from the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA). You'll need proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residence. Remember to take the TSA certificate with you to the drivers license office.

If you have been convicted of rape or aggravated sexual abuse, firearms offenses, attempted murder, robbery, kidnapping, arson, extortion, fraud, bribery, smuggling, drug offenses or immigration violations within the last seven years or have been released from prison for these crimes in the last five years, you can't get a hazmat endorsement. You can't get a hazmat endorsement if you plead guilty to any of these offenses but were found insane. If you were convicted of improper transport of a hazardous material, violating a law involving a severe transportation security issue or RICO (organized crime) act violation, sedition, treason, espionage, terrorism, murder, use or sale of an explosive device or conspiracy to commit any of these crimes, you're permanently barred from getting a hazmat endorsement.


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