New Mexico CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Vision
  • Health
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • State ID

Truck drivers will apply for a Class A commercial driver license (CDL) from the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Anyone at least 18 years of age can apply, but they must be at least 21 years old to drive the vehicle outside the state of New Mexico.

Applying for a Learner’s Permit

Applicants for the CDL in New Mexico will need a learner’s permit. To qualify for their learner’s permits, they will need to take and pass a general knowledge test. Some commercial vehicles require specified knowledge. To show that applicants have obtained this specialized knowledge and are ready to add these endorsements to their licenses, they will need to take additional tests. They can take these tests at the time that they take their general knowledge exams.

Information covered in the written test may be found in the New Mexico CDL Manual.

Testing the Applicants’ Driving Skills

Those who earn their learner’s permits and become trained to drive a commercial vehicle will make an appointment to take their driving skills tests at a third-party testing site. They will be tested on their abilities to ensure that their vehicles are ready to be driven on the roads. During this test, applicants will demonstrate to the examiner verbally that they know what to inspect, what they are looking for and why the vehicle is in proper condition for the roads.

After the inspection is complete, applicants will show that they can control the vehicle by stopping, starting, backing up, moving forward and making turns. Finally, applicants will take the vehicle on the roads where the examiners will score them on their abilities to handle several different driving situations. After passing this test, applicants will be given a sealed document stating this fact.

The Passing Grade

In order to pass the knowledge tests and the driving skills tests, applicants must receive the passing grade of at least 80 percent. Those who do not pass the knowledge tests may take them again after seven days. Applicants who fail their knowledge tests three times in a row will need to re-apply after a six-month period.

The Documents Needed to Obtain a CDL in New Mexico

Applicants will return to the MVD with the proof that they passed their driving skills tests and several other documents, including the following:

  • Their current driver licenses
  • Their learner’s permits
  • Their social security cards
  • Their medical exam cards or their waivers
  • A document proving their identity
  • A document proving that they are citizens or legal residents of the U.S.
  • Two documents proving residency

Copies of the above-mentioned documents will not be sufficient. Applicants will have to have the originals or certified copies. However, the MVD will accept copies of these documents if they come directly from the issuing agency.

Types of Class A CDL

While at the MVD, applicants will be able to purchase one of two different types of license. The first is a four-year license requiring an $18 fee. The second is an eight-year at the cost of $34. Those who are applying for the Hazmat endorsement may only purchase the four-year license. Individuals must pass a background check if they plan on transporting hazardous materials (for an additioanl fee).

New Mexico re-licensing information includes the fact that individuals who have let their CDL expire for over one year will have to retake all tests. Individuals are expected to renew their license by providing proof of social security and address, along with an updated DOT medical card.

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