Oregon CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Vision
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • State ID
  • Social Security Card

Applying for a commercial driver license (CDL) in Oregon means that the applicants are at least 21 years of age, have passed a physical examination and will certify that they are driving their vehicles in non-excepted interstate commerce.

The First Step

The first thing that those who would like to earn their CDLs will do is obtain a learner’s permit. This permit will give them the time they need to learn how to operate the commercial vehicle for which they will obtain their CDLs. To receive a learner’s permit, applicants will need to take a vision test that proves they can see well enough to engage in operating a commercial vehicle.

Applicants for the CDL in Oregon also need to take knowledge tests. All applicants are required to take a general knowledge test, but some may need to add endorsements to their licenses. These endorsements allow them to drive commercial vehicles with air brakes or hazardous materials, for example. If applicants need these endorsements, they will also need to take these individual knowledge exams when they take the general knowledge test.

The information for the written test may be found in the free Oregon CDL Manual.  The driving test has the same requirements as most states, forcing applicants to show skills in inspection, hazardous driving conditions, and general truck operation.

After successfully passing the knowledge tests and the vision test, applicants receive their learner’s permits. These permits will allow them one full year to prepare for the driving skills tests. Those who believe they need more than one year to prepare for this test can renew their permits for another full year. However, applicants must not let more than one year pass between the time their first permits expire and the time that they seek to renew them. If they do, they will need to start the application process from the beginning again.

The Second Step

When applicants feel ready to take the driving skills test, they will need to be prepared to do so in the English language. They will not be permitted to have a translator with them. During the first part of the exam, applicants are going to be asked to do an inspection of the vehicle. They will need to explain to the examiner what they are inspecting and why they are inspecting it. Applicants can prepare for this portion of the test by reading the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual under Chapter 11.

The second portion of the test is when applicants will show their examiners that they can control the vehicle. They will perform maneuvers such as backing the vehicle up, moving forward and making different types of turns. They can familiarize themselves with what this part of the test entails in the manual as well under Chapter 12.

The last part of the skills examination includes driving the vehicle on the public roads. Applicants will demonstrate their abilities by operating their commercial vehicles through intersections, by making left and right turns and by driving up and down hills. Chapter 13 of the manual explains what applicants can expect in further detail.

Applicants must pay the $70 fee for the driving test prior to their exam dates. Individuals are going to need to pass a general knowledge test before they move on to the actual driving test itself.

Oregon re-licensing information includes the need to renew after every 8 years. Individuals are expected to renew within 180 days of their birth date. Those who do not are subject to retesting for all related tests.

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