Utah CDL Requirements

In State Driving Age:
Driving Between States Age:
Hazardous Age:
Exams Required:
  • Vision
  • Health
  • Written Test
  • Driving Test
IDs Required:
  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Card

In order to apply for a commercial driver license (CDL), Utah residents must have had their driver licenses for at least one year. They must also have a social security card, proof that they are residents of the state and their Department of Transportation (DOT) medical cards. The last document they will need to bring will be proof of their identity.

Utah residents will apply for their Class A License at the Department of Public Safety at the Driver License Division. They will need to take written tests and driving tests before they will receive their CDLs, and they will do this at the driver license office nearest them. Before they can take these various tests, they will need to call to make an appointment. If applicants cannot attend their appointments, they must call to cancel 48 hours before. Failing to do so will mean that they will be required to pay a fee to reschedule their tests.

The General Knowledge and Other Written Tests

Applicants will first demonstrate that they are familiar enough with their particular commercial vehicles to drive them safely on the roads, and they will do this by taking one or more written tests. Every applicant will be required to take the general knowledge test. Other applicants may need to take tests to demonstrate their knowledge in driving a combination vehicle, driving a vehicle with air brakes, transporting hazardous materials, driving a tanker and pulling a double or triple trailer.

Applicants who fail a knowledge test for the first time will be able to repeat the test that very same day without repaying the fee. Those who fail the test a second time will only need to wait one business day to reschedule, but they will need to pay the fee at that time. View the Utah CDl Manual for a complete guide to commercial driving in Utah.

After Passing the Written Tests

Those who pass their written knowledge tests receive their Commercial Driver Instruction Permits (CDIPs). They will need to give up their regular driver licenses at this time, but they will be able to operate their personal vehicles with their CDIPs. However, applicants are not allowed to operate their commercial vehicles without being accompanied by another person with a valid CDL of the same type that the applicant wishes to obtain. The CDIP will be valid for six months.

The Driving Skills Test

After passing all of the required knowledge tests and receiving training on their commercial vehicles, applicants are ready to take the driving skills test. Utah residents may schedule a time to take this test from a driver license office or a third party business that offers it. They will be asked to show their examiners that they can inspect the vehicle and determine that it is ready to be driven on the public roads. They will show that they can control the vehicle on site by stopping, starting and turning within a defined area. The last portion of the test takes the applicants onto the roads to show that they know how to operate their commercial vehicles.

Those who are renewing their CDL license must provide updated information. Individuals who allow their CDL to expire are subject to retesting after the license has been expired for a year or more according to Utah re-licensing information.

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