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Farming, particularly chicken farming, but other kinds of agricultural products as well, are important to the economy of the state of Delaware, making the need for a well-functioning, well-developed trucking industry and interstate highway system essential. The goods and commodities produced within Delaware need to be distributed throughout the country. As a result, trucking jobs, good trucking jobs, are plentiful in the state of Delaware and offer a terrific opportunity for building a durable career that can get you from early adulthood through retirement.

Find Trucking Jobs in Delaware

And there are many different kinds of trucking jobs to choose from, depending upon how far you are willing to drive, and how often you want to be able to get home. Closest to home are the local trucking jobs, which keep you in a relatively small radius, like a city or metropolitan area. People driving locally often have regular routes, with specific stops they make each week. They are able to get home on most days, or at least several times a week and are great for people with young families. A bit further afield are the regional trucking jobs, which keep you within a certain part of the country, usually close to where you live, but still have you driving across state boundaries. The routes traveled on these jobs may be the same each week (dedicated), or may vary, The longest distance trucking jobs are the Over The Road (OTR) trucking jobs, that can have you driving as far as all the way across the country. These jobs are for individuals who enjoy working independently, and enjoy the changes of scenery and climate that come from traveling great distances across the nation. Whatever you choose, one of the best ways of preparing yourself for a career in truck driving is to study at a school of professional driving. There are located throughout the state of Delaware.

Requirements for Driving in Delaware

The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles makes available a manual covering everything you need to know about obtaining a CDL in the state of Delaware, and it is available at DMV offices throughout the state at no charge. Before getting a CDL, you will need to apply for a permit to learn how to drive the class of truck for which you are applying: Class A, B, or C, depending upon the weight and configuration of the vehicle you wish to drive. You will need to demonstrate that you are a legal resident of the state of Delaware, and be able to prove your identity using certain government-issued documentation. You will need to pass both a knowledge test (written) and a skills test (driving), as well as obtain a federally-mandated medical certificate. You will need to pay the appropriate feel. When you have your learner’s permit, you will be able to drive with a qualified CDL holder riding in the cab next to you.

Building Your Trucking Career

The Delaware Motor Transport Association represents the interests of Delaware truck drivers on issues of local and national importance. Earlier this year, an unusual accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer in the state of Delaware caused the release of swarms of bees, which were being transported in hives by the OTR truckers. Beekeepers had to be called in to help contain the swarms following the accident, and, fortunately, everyone involved was alright following treatment at a local hospital. Fortunately, accidents such as this are extremely rare.

Delaware Truck Driving Careers

When you begin or continue your truck driving career in Delaware, you do not just become part of the statewide trucking industry. Rather, you contribute your skills to the New England trucking industry as a whole. Because of this, you may find more success if you are willing to take a regional or OTR job than if you limit yourself to local jobs.

The more you learn about Delaware’s trucking industry and growth from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the more value you can provide to your trucking employer. They report that Delaware has shipping arrangements with many states, with their top export states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. It is clear that many Delaware companies work with other New England states. Primary exports in Delaware include cereal grains, animal feed, chemical products, meat products, and agricultural products.

Delaware truck drivers may have salaries that depend on experience level and type of hauls accepted. In Delaware, the median salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $41,100 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Becoming active in different groups and initiatives can help you become established in your new career. The Delaware Motor Transport Association is one of the largest groups in the state, but you can also get involved with the WILMAPCO Freight and Goods Movement.

Spend some of your time learning about trucking routes in the state. Major freeways include U.S. 13, Delaware Route 4, and Old Baltimore Pike.

Join the Delaware Trucking Industry

The need for qualified truck drivers is great in the state of Delaware, making this a terrific time to make a career move into this satisfying occupation. Get started today by contacting some of the professional driving schools listed below. 

If you need your CDL License, view a list of truck driving schools in Delaware that will get you trained and on the road.

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