Who should be concerned about CSA 2010?

CSA 2010

The short answer is everyone in the trucking industry will be affected in some shape or form by CSA 2010. 

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies will face more stringent regulations in aspects of their business, from the drivers they hire to the equipment they maintain.  Companies will also have their safety scores made public, which may potentially affect their ability to service customers.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers will face more strict regulations and enforcement on their activities as well.  Infractions under CSA 2010 will stay on record longer, and trucking companies will be able to check driver’s records before hire.

Other Businesses

Other businesses may also be impacted by the new trucking regulations.  Companies may find it more expensive to ship goods, or may need to find a new carrier altogether.

View the CSA 2010 information site for further information.


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