Florida Owner Operator Jobs


Florida Owner Operator Jobs

For the owner operator in Florida, there are a number of special considerations that impact driving. Florida has 3,966 miles of intrastate highways, with 109 more miles planned as budgets allow. There are 1,473 total highway miles in the state. Five hundred fifteen miles are on toll roads, including portions of I-75, I-275 and the Florida Turnpike. There are also toll bridges, roads and causeways totaling 142 miles. Florida has the most miles of toll roads of any state in the country.

Luckily the State is working aggressively to expand its system of automatic payment toll booths. The SunPass program allows truckers and other motorists to use a transponder to automatically deduct tolls from an account. With SunPass, it is unnecessary to decrease speed at toll booths. There are also some discounts and rebates on tolls paid through the electronic process.

Florida has also passed a law prohibiting commercial trucks from traveling in the left lane. Between the Lantana Toll Plaza at mile marker 88 and the Miami Golden Glades interchange, trucks are restricted to the three right lanes. The Florida Turnpike’s Homestead Extension also has left lane restrictions.

Like many states, Florida has a law requiring vehicles to change lanes or slow down when approaching a law enforcement vehicle stopped along a roadway. The Move Over law states that vehicles must vacate the lane closest to the stopped vehicle if feasible. On other roads and in situations where a lane change is not possible, all vehicles must slow down to 20 mph less than the posted speed limit. The law applies to other emergency workers and tow trucks as well.

The owner operator in Florida should be aware that truck and cargo thefts are a problem there. The state has instituted a recovery program that has successfully returned over $19 million in trucks and cargo since 2001. Florida also participates in two major task forces, both Federal and local, to stop the theft of cargo and trucks. The Tactical Operations Multi-Agency Cargo Anti-Theft Squad (TOMCATS) recovers an additional $30 million in assets each year.

For CDL drivers licensed in Florida, contact information can be voluntarily entered into the state’s database in case there is an accident or other emergency.


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