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Georgia, the largest state in the southeast, is known for its fast-paced industrial development. Georgia is the communications and transportation hub in the region and is the area’s chief distributor of goods. Known for its many agricultural and other products, it is no surprise that it is home to a large and thriving trucking industry. Let us help inform you of the benefits and requirements of driving a truck for a living in Georgia. And then let us help you find your next job opportunity in the Georgia trucking industry!

OTR and Regional Trucking Careers in Georgia

All kinds of truck drivers can do well in Georgia. OTR (Over the Road) drivers drive the longest distances, routinely crossing state boundaries and traveling into distant regions of the country. These are perfect jobs for individuals who wish to explore the US in all its vast and different variations and who enjoy an independent lifestyle. OTR drivers typically spend 2 to 4 weeks on the road, interspersed by time at home with family.  These jobs usually offer the best pay out of all the trucking jobs, and appeal to those with an independent streak who want to earn a particularly good living.

Regional driving jobs are also available in Georgia. These jobs tend to limit your driving to the southeast segment of the country, and may offer you more regular routes than OTR jobs. Some jobs involve regular, specific stops while others change routes from week to week. Regional drivers get to be at home more frequently than OTR drivers. It is not uncommon for them to be able to go home every few days, or once a week. This type of job can appeal to individuals with families at home.

Yet another type of truck driving job is the local job. Local jobs are exactly what they sound like – limited to a specific locale, such as a city or a metropolitan area. These jobs enable the trucker to get home even more frequently, often every day, making them very appealing to individuals with young families at home, or other family or civic commitments.

Individuals wishing to obtain a CDL in the state of Georgia must be over 18 years of age, and over the age of 21 if they wish to drive across state lines. There are three different CDL categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C. All three CDL categories require that you pass both a written test and an on-road test of driving skills. Most applicants for a CDL complete training at a professional driving school.

What are the Requirements for Truck Driving in Georgia?

In addition to demonstrating proficiency in the class of vehicle for which you are applying, applicants must meet certain medical standards and supply a Medical Examination Report as well as passing a vision test. If you will be hauling hazardous materials, you must pass a background check.

Get Hired With Top Trucking Companies in Georgia

Truckers in the state of Georgia usually belong to the Georgia Motor Trucking Association. This organization represents the interests of the various constituents in the trucking industry in Georgia, including the truck drivers themselves, and provides a forum for interacting with legislative bodies on issues of relevance to the industry, as well as advocating for the welfare of its members. Martha Martin, an owner of Phil-Mart Transportation, helped break the gender barrier when she went into the trucking business in 1972, after a stint as an executive secretary. Many of the people she dealt with in her route hauling produce up and down the east coast and to the Midwest assumed she was an office girl. Working twice as hard to prove herself, Martha developed long-lasting relationships that have kept the company solvent through various cycles and the vagaries of the economy.

Georgia Truck Driving Careers

As a truck driver in Georgia, you may be able to transport agricultural goods and other food products between cities, take on regional hauls across the South, or drive to different regions entirely with an OTR job. Learning about Georgia trucking companies and their needs is the first step to succeeding.

A wealth of information on the trucking industry of Georgia is available through the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Georgia has a more active interstate industry than most other states, shipping most often to Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. A huge variety of items are shipped out of Georgia, with the largest hauls carrying gravel, gasoline, mineral products, wood products, and fuel oils.

Since Georgia salaries are close to those reported across the country, you may be able to negotiate a competitive income for yourself. O*Net claims that the median income for a truck driver in Georgia is $39,300 per year (2015).

Networking has many career benefits for truck drivers, especially if you are new to Georgia or new to this field as a whole. The Georgia Motor Trucking Association serves as the main professional organization for Georgia truck drivers, offering discounts on insurance and other services, running continuing education programs, and hosting networking events. Some of the most vital trucking routes in Georgia include I-95, Georgia State Route 49, U.S. 29, and Route 82.

A career as a truck driver can be a great option for many people. Now is your time to contact some of the schools listed below. Take the next step towards a future in the Georgia trucking industry today!

If you are looking to earn your Class A CDL License, check out this list of truck driving schools in Georgia for more information.

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