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TS-image-medwt24076For the owner operator in Hawaii, there are some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that the driver is pretty much limited to working on one island unless they choose to leave home and move to the mainland. Hawaii does issue CDL license that are good for interstate travel, but for the owner operator who doesn’t want to move away from the idyllic climate and tropical beauty, there isn’t any real choice but to work on one island.

Since Oahu is the most populated island, that’s where most of the work is. Unfortunately, Oahu is also where housing costs are extremely high and highways are extraordinarily congested. Thanks to the vastly inflated housing prices in the city, more and more residents are moving to outlying areas. For the trucker, that means fighting nonstop heavy traffic from before sunrise until after sundown every day.

While the state is attempting to deal with the inadequate infrastructure, particularly on the H1, H2 and Highway 30, given the state’s terrain there are limits to what can be done. In June, 2012 ground was broken for a Contraflow project on the H1 which will create an additional westbound lane. The project is planned to be finished in late 2013. The state is working on planning additional projects on all islands to enhance transportation.

Drivers relocating to Hawaii as well as local residents must register both their cabs and trailers. The process differs somewhat for trailers purchased on or off the island. All trailer applications require a CS-L 14 form. The trailer will also need a state inspection certificate. The fee for this process is determined by staff.

Oversize and overweight loads require a permit. The fee ranges from $5 to $25. An insurance certificate must also be filed. While many permits can be issued within one day, extremely large loads that require headquarters review can take at least three weeks. The permit application requires detailed information regarding dimension, load distribution and other details.

Modifications to vehicles also require a permit. The application can be obtained from the Oahu Motor Vehicle Safety Office. Along with the application, detailed plans and specifications are required along with certification documentation of the person who will be doing the welding.

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