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The state of Hawaii offers opportunities for truck drivers that are different from what are available in the “lower 48”. Because Hawaii consists of a series of islands, available trucking jobs are all local, usually focused on a particular island or, in the case of Honolulu, a major metropolitan area. Tourism is a huge industry in Hawaii, and many individuals who possess CDLs drive tour buses. Of course, general transport is needed to move goods and commodities all over each of the populated islands. Local driving jobs may involve dedicated routes, in which the individual follows the same route weekly, making specific planned stops. Or, the route driven may vary week by week. In any case, truck drivers in Hawaii get to have pretty normal schedules, enabling them to get home every day to be with their families.

Requirements for Driving in Hawaii

To obtain a CDL in the state of Hawaii, it is helpful to purchase the manual which is available at any of the driver licensing offices. You will need to complete an application and attach to it a color picture of yourself. You will need to show proof of identity and a valid social security number. The first step, of course, is to qualify for your learning permit. To do so, you will need to pass a knowledge (written) and vision test and present a medical examiner’s certificate, as well as pay the associated fees. You must be 21 years of age or older. Additional knowledge tests will be given according to which endorsements you seek to add to your license. Most individuals prepare to earn their CDL by studying at one of the professional truck driving schools located throughout the islands.

Building Your Trucking Career

The Hawaii Transportation Association serves the needs of the entire truck driving community including the drivers themselves. It is a non-profit organization that provides service and assistance to the ground transportation industry in the state of Hawaii. Due to the increase in on-line shopping, carriers such as Fed-Ex and UPS are planning to add additionally drivers to their fleets throughout the holiday season and, most likely beyond. And, of course, the tourist industry is big year-round in Hawaii, making the need for individuals holding CDLs always great

Benefits of Working With Trucking Companies in Hawaii

Because demand for people who possess a CDL is high, pay for commercial drivers in the state of Hawaii is excellent, as are the benefits offered by employers, to boot! Average yearly pay for commercial drivers in Hawaii is $42,500, which is higher than the national average of $38,700. Of course, this is only an average. It is possible for some commercial drivers to earn much more. In addition, employers offer good benefits so they can attract and then keep drivers. Medical, dental, and vision are usually offered, along with paid vacation, which increases the more years of service you have with your company. Retirement plans, like 401ks, are often part of a benefits package, and sometimes an employer will match your contribution up to a certain percentage making it even faster to grow your retirement funds. Bereavement leave and military leave are also often paid for.

Get Started in the Trucking Industry Today

Consider a career as a commercial driver in beautiful, sunny Hawaii! Lots of opportunities abound that can provide you with a stable, dependable source of income from young adulthood (early 20s) up to retirement age and beyond! Start by contacting one or more of the schools listed below for information. 

Need training for your CDL?  View our list of Truck Driving Schools in Hawaii to find a school near you.

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