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Idaho is one of the nation’s premier agricultural states, producing potatoes and several types of wheat. It is also known for its food processing industry, lumber and wood products, machinery, chemical products, paper products, electronics processing, silver and other minerals mining. In short, it produces a variety of important products that are needed throughout the United States, and that must be transported, mostly by truck, across the nation. The result is that the trucking industry is alive and well – thriving, in fact, in the state of Idaho! All sorts of trucking jobs are available here, and it is possible to choose the type of trucking career that appeals to you. Over The Road (OTR), regional, and local driving jobs are all plentiful. They vary in the distance you will drive, from clear across the country to within a narrow, local area, like a particular city or metropolitan area. Or, you may choose to drive throughout the Pacific Northwest region. People choose different types of driving jobs for different reasons, including how long they are comfortable being separated from family and friends, how much independence they desire in a job, and how much money they wish to earn. Routes may be the same or varied, again, your preference has a big influence. Whatever type of trucking job appeals to you, you will probably want to prepare for it by enrolling in a professional trucking school. These are located throughout the state.

Requirements for Driving in Idaho

A CDL permit allows you to prepare to drive commercial vehicles on public roads. To obtain this permit you must take the appropriate written tests for the type of vehicle you plan to drive. You must be at least 18 years of age, and hold a valid Idaho Class D drivers license, and have had at least one year of driving experience. To use the permit, you must be accompanied by an individual who holds a valid CDL license for the class of vehicle you will be driving, and he or she must be seated in the cab next to you. You will also be required to submit official proof of identity and a valid social security card.

To obtain the CDL you will need to pass a skills test consisting of three parts: vehicle inspection, basic control skills test, and road test. The skills test will take two to three hours. It must be taken in a vehicle representing the license class you plan to drive. When you pass, you will be issued a temporary CDL which will be replaced by a permanent license sent to you directly from the DMV.

Building Your Trucking Career

The Idaho Trucking Association serves the interests of the Idaho trucking community. Recently, the Rocky Mountain Regional Safety Rendezvous Committee (RMRSR) honored Chuck Mecham, safety supervisor for Doug Andrus Distributing, Idaho Falls, ID with its 2014 RMRSR Safety Supervisor of the Year Award. Mecham has been involved in the trucking industry for more than 20 years, first as a driver, then as a safety supervisor. His mission has been to run a safe and productive operation that reduces accidents. Mecham said: “I love safety. I love what I do.”

Potential Benefits of Truck Driving Careers

The high demand for qualified trucking professionals means that salaries and benefits for truckers in Idaho are outstanding. The average yearly pay for a professional driver in Idaho is $35,300. While this is lower than in other sections of the country, the cost of living in the state of Idaho tends to be on the low side as well, making it possible for your dollar to stretch further. Thus it is possible to enjoy a decent middle class lifestyle on a trucker’s salary. And, because employers are in competition for qualified drivers, they tend to offer attractive benefits to make their company stand out. Medical, dental, and vision coverage are pretty standard, usually after only 30 days on the job. Retirements plans, like 401k plans, are also pretty typical to find, and sometimes employers will match your contribution up to a certain percentage, making your retirement fund build more quickly. Paid vacations and paid leaves for military service and bereavement are common. Companies frequently pay for an employee’s life and disability insurance as well.

Start Working for Top Idaho Trucking Companies

Does this sound appealing to you? Idaho is a great place to become a professional truck driver! Why not contact one or more of the schools on the list below to see what you need to do to start securing your future in the Idaho trucking industry today!

Need CDL Training?  View a listing of Truck Driving Schools in Idaho.

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