Iraq Truck Driving Jobs

Iraq truck driver jobs are in demand!

When one thinks about the war in Iraq, they think of our soldiers there, doing what they can to protect our country. People don’t often think about the other people working in Iraq, the civilian contractors that fulfill such jobs as security and transportation. There are currently over 25,000 contractors working in Iraq and there are still contracting and trucking jobs in Iraq available.

Iraq truck driving jobs are the most common contracting jobs in this country. This can be dangerous work, but it can be equally rewarding for those wishing to find contracted trucking jobs since they will be providing their country a desperately needed service. For many people this danger is enough to prevent them from applying for a job like this, but for others the pay makes it worth it. Contracted Iraq truck driver jobs can pay over $100,000- more than double the average truck driving salary in the United States. There are also tax benefits for those working overseas for American trucking companies.

A job description for heavy truck driving jobs in Iraq details the job duties, including loading and unloading cargo and operating vehicles up to 30 tons. They require an ability to lift 70 lbs multiple times throughout a shift and 3 to 5 years of experience driving a tractor trailer truck, among other things. They must also be aware of the danger they may be exposed to.

It may not be what many people originally consider for a job, but there a lot of truck driving jobs in Iraq – and with them, a lot of opportunities, high pay and excitement for those interested and qualified!