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Truck Driving Jobs in Louisiana

Louisiana has a large agricultural industry and is especially known for its seafood, although it also produces soybeans, cotton, poultry, eggs, and dairy products, among others. Chemical products, processed foods, paper products, and transportation are other important manufactured items. While shipping is a major industry in Louisiana, it is also true that it has a large and vibrant trucking industry. Every type of trucking job is available in Louisiana: local, regional, and Over The Road (OTR), so the opportunities for truckers are both numerous and varied. Local drivers are needed to transport products throughout the major cities and the state. Local seafood is transported this way. Local drivers get to go home most days, and may enjoy the routine of a regular route with specific stops. Regional drivers have routes that span further distances, crossing state lines, but still stay within the basic area. Drivers get to go home most days with these jobs. OTR drivers are the ones who haul freight from one end of the country to the other, staying out on the road for weeks at a time. They have the advantage of getting to see much of the country and experiencing different cultures and cuisines. These jobs may appeal to people with a sense of adventure.

Requirements for Truck Driving in Louisiana

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles handles commercial driver’s licenses in the state of Louisiana. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, or over 21 if you wish to drive interstate. You must first apply for a learner’s permit, for which you will need to take vision and knowledge tests, provide a medical examiner’s form, and show proof of identity, valid social security number, and legal standing in the state of Louisiana. Once you have the permit, you can practice driving the class of vehicle your permit is good for only, as long as a CDL holder for the same class of vehicle is in the cab next to you. When you are ready, you make an appointment for your skills test, along with tests for any endorsements you are seeking, such as air brakes. Most people prepare for their CDL by attending classes at a professional trucking school in their area.

Building Your Trucking Career

The Louisiana Motor Transport Association is the organization to which most truck drivers in the state of Louisiana belong. In addition to offering numerous benefits, they offer annual conferences focusing on topics of interest and relevance to the industry. At this year’s conference, American Trucking Association Vice President Dave Osiecki will discuss the national “Trucking Moves America Forward” image campaign and the “Million Mile Safe Driver” initiative.

Professional Benefits of a Trucking Career

Qualified drivers are always in high demand in Louisiana. Companies must compete for these drivers, and need to offer incentives to attract them to their company. The average salary for a Louisiana truck driver is $36, 800, although many make much more than that, depending upon the type of driving they are doing, among other things. While this is a bit lower than the average salary for the United States in general, cost of living in this part of the country tends to be lower and makes it possible to enjoy a good quality of life as a truck driver in Louisiana. And most employers offer numerous benefits to go along with a good salary. They offer medical, dental and vision coverage, and sometimes flexible health spending accounts that allow you to use pre-tax dollars to purchase healthcare related items and services. Retirement plans in the form of 401k plans are pretty standard, and some companies add to your funds by matching your contributions. There may be signing bonuses for joining a particular company. Paid vacation increases with years of service. And other perks are common: bereavement and military leave, disability and life insurance.

Find Your Louisiana Trucking Job

A career in trucking offers you the possibility of a satisfying and secure future. Why not look into it today? You can do so by calling one or more of the professional driving schools listed below. Take the next step towards the rest of your life by calling today. 

View truck driving schools in Louisiana if you need your CDL License.

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