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What Types of Driving Jobs Can You Find in Montana?

Cattle ranching remains a goodly portion of the economy in the state of Montana. But some other industries contribute as well, some surprisingly, such as microbrewing of beer, for which it ranks third in the nation. It also has an important minerals extraction industry and lumber industry.  All these products require transportation both throughout Montana and to the far reaches of the country. This makes for a lively and important trucking industry and a strong overall need for qualified truck drivers of all kinds. For experienced drivers, and those who just completed training, we can help you find work in the Montana trucking industry. Simply use our listings to connect with employers today!

Truck drivers in Montana have many choices to make. They can drive locally, within the state, or drive a bit further and stay within the upper Northwest. Some may choose to drive all over the United States, seeking to experience different cultures, foods, scenery, and climates. It is possible to have a trucking job that is as close to a 9 to 5 job as possible, with regular routes and nighttime stops at home. Or, you can be on the road for short periods of time, or up to a month. The choice is yours.

Requirements for Drivers Working in Montana

The Montana Department of Justice oversees the issuance of commercial driving licenses and permits in the state. You need to be over 18 years of age, and over 21 to drive interstate. If you do not already have a valid Class D Montana license, you must show proof of identity, proof of legal presence in the state, proof of residence in the state, and your social security card. You must submit a Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and pass vision and knowledge tests. These steps are necessary to acquire your learner’s permit, which will enable you to practice driving with a licensed driver of the class of vehicle you are applying to drive along side you in the cab. After you have logged sufficient hours of practice, and are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of your vehicle, you may schedule your skills test. You will be tested on your general skills and on the special skills needed for any endorsement you seek. Many people prepare for the CDL by taking classes at a professional commercial driving school. There are many located throughout the state.

Building Your Truck Driving Career

Motor Carriers of Montana represents the interests of the trucking community within the state, promoting safety, education, legislative interests, and the well-being of its members.

The July, 2014 Driver of The Month was awarded to Allen Richardson of Davis Transport, Inc of Missoula. Allen is meeting future compliance requirements by using an eelcetric log device (ELD). He now runs with a Rand McNally unit. It saves him money on fuel and road taxes, and he loves the GPS system. And, it has the benefit that he doesn’t have to do logs. Allen has 4 million plus accident-free miles!

Pursue Top Benefits in the Industry

There are many advantages to a career as a trucker in Montana. A good yearly wage is one of them. The average wage for a Montana trucker is $39,400, higher than the national average. And some truck drivers are able to earn far more. Plus, employers compete for the top driver candidates, so they offer good benefits to make their companies more attractive. Medical, dental, and vision are standard, and paid vacation weeks increase with years of service. 401k retirement plans allow you to put away money for retirement, and sometimes companies will match a certain portion of your contribution. There is paid leave for military service and bereavement in a lot of companies, and disability and life insurance plans, paid for by the company, are among the other benefits sometimes seen.


Truck driving can mean a solid, secure career that can carry you from young adulthood to retirement and beyond. Start by contacting some of the employers listed on the site, so you can see how to get started today working toward a new, exciting, and satisfying career as a Montana truck driver!

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