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Types of Trucking Jobs You Can Pursue in New Mexico

New Mexico is the third leading crude oil and natural gas producer in the United States. It necessitates a vibrant rail and trucking industry to transport these products throughout the country. As a result, every type of trucking job can be found in the state of New Mexico, giving individuals interested in pursuing a truck driving career in the state many options. If you live in New Mexico and want to start or continue your trucking career, continue reading to learn more. Or go ahead and use our employment listings to connect with top carriers today!

Those who wish to work close to home may choose a local trucking drive, keeping you within the state, and often on the same route each week. These individuals get to go home most days so they are great for people with young families. Regional drives send you on somewhat longer trips, taking you outside the state but still in the same general section of the country. You get home slightly less often than with local jobs, usually, several times a week, and your route may be dedicated, or it may vary. Over The Road (OTR) jobs are the really long-haul trucking jobs, where you drive your rig to distant parts of the country. You can be out on the road for several weeks, working on your own and seeing the country.

What Are the Requirements for Driving a Truck in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Motor Division handles all driver’s licenses within the state. You will need a regular New Mexico driver’s license (Class D), or a valid CDL from another state, in order to apply. You must be 18 years of age or older, or 21 years of age if you wish to drive across state lines or transport passengers. You will need to show proof of identity and of your legal standing in the United States, as well as proof that you are a resident of the state of New Mexico. You will have to pass vision and knowledge tests, and submit a completed Medical Examiner’s Certificate. Meeting these requirements will get you a learner’s permit for the class of vehicle you are seeking to drive. You will then practice driving the vehicle with a valid CDL holder in the cab next to you. The next step will be to schedule your skills test and tests for any endorsements you are seeking. When you have passed the skills test, you will be issued your CDL. Most people wishing to qualify for a CDL take classes at a professional commercial driving school. There are several of them located in different parts of the state.

Join New Mexico Trucking Associations

Most truck drivers belong to the New Mexico Trucking Association ( This organization represents the interests of truck and bus drivers in the state of New Mexico. Tito Campus was named the 2014 New Mexico Truck Driver of the Year. He works for Groendyke Transport. Congratulations to Tito on this wonderful accomplishment!

Benefits of a Career in Truck Driving

You can earn a very good living as a truck driver in New Mexico. The average yearly salary is $37,800, and many drivers are able to earn much more than that. Plus, the value of benefits offered by employers to attract and retain good truck drivers add about 30% to the value of the salary. Medical, dental, and vision coverage are standard. Weeks of paid vacation increase the more years you spend with a particular company. Retirement benefits usually take the form of a 401k plan, and sometimes employers contribute up to a certain percentage. Military and bereavement leave are frequent perks, as are disability and life insurance policies. You should be checking with several employers to see the differences in the benefits packages they can offer you.

Now can be a great time to pursue a career change for a secure future! Start by contacting some of the employers listed below to learn more about the types of jobs available, salaries, and benefits packages. Start today!

Browse our list of truck driving schools in New Mexico that offer CDL training.

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