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Ready to Find Truck Driving Jobs in North Dakota?

Major industries include agriculture, petroleum and food processing, making the need for a vibrant trucking industry a necessity to transport these commodities within the state and to distant parts of the country. As a result, every type of trucking job can be found in the North Dakota, and you can take you pick. Local jobs will have driving in cities and metropolitan areas, but you will stay within the state. You will probably get to go home almost every day. Regional jobs take you further, across state lines, but still within the same general geographic area of the country in which you live. You will most likely get to go home several times a week. Over The Road (OTR) trucking jobs take you all across the country. You get to see different terrain, experience different cultures, and taste different cuisines. In short, it is like foreign travel but within your own country!

If you’re ready to hit the road and start trucking, contact the employers listed here to learn more about their open positions. We build relationships with top carriers around the country so you can have an efficient place to locate work – and start applying!

Requirements for Truck Drivers in North Dakota

To obtain your CDL in North Dakota, you must be 18 years of age or older, or over 21 if you wish to drive interstate or transport passengers. You will need to provide proof of identity, legal standing to be in the United States, and residence of North Dakota, as well as a social security number. You will have to pass vision and knowledge tests and provide a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. When you pass these requirements you will obtain your learner’s permit. You will then need to practice driving under the tutelage of an experienced, licensed commercial driver. After you have logged in training miles under your belt you will be ready to take the skills test. When you pass it, you will then be eligible to receive your CDL. To prepare for the CDL, it can be very helpful to study at a commercial professional driver’s school. There are several located throughout the state.

A Solid Foundation for Your Truck Driving Career

The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association is the leading education and advocacy organization for the transportation industry in North Dakota ( There is an oil boom in North Dakota, and truck drivers have been able to profit from the huge demand for qualified truck drivers. They are needed for all sorts of jobs on the oil fields and beyond, and individuals willing to work long hours can make excellent money right now.

Potential Benefits of Truck Driving in North Dakota

There is still a fierce demand for qualified truck drivers to work in the newly booming oil industry. The average yearly salary for a truck driver in North Dakota is $45, 400, considerably above the national average of $48,700. And it is possible to earn far, far more. Right now, North Dakota may be the best state in the nation to be a truck driver, so why not take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. Plus, companies compete with each other for the best drivers, so they have to offer benefits packages that are pretty sweet. Medical, dental, and vision coverage are basically givens, and flexible spending accounts that use pre-tax dollars to make certain health purchases are popular. Paid vacation increases with years of service. Retirement plans usually involve 401k plans, sometimes with the employer contributing. Other benefits include paid military and bereavement leave, and disability and life insurance policies paid for by the company.

Right now, good things are happening in North Dakota and truck drivers are in on it. You can be in on it too! Start by contacting some of the companies listed on this site to see what they have to offer you. Be sure to contact several, as salaries and benefits can differ considerably, so it is worth doing your homework. 

Browse our list of truck driving schools in North Dakota that offer training.

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