The Alliance

Are you ready for something different?

The Alliance is a unique organization of professionals that provides expert advice, services and products exclusively for you - OUR PARTNER

The Alliance offers you a team of industry experts ready to work with you to help make your business even more successful. As a partner and shareholder in The Alliance you will receive dividends annually with the opportunity to increase the number of shares you own!

The Alliance provides: tax preparation, accounting and financial planning; insurance coverage (including health); fuel card and other products designed to save you time and money.

As an Owner Operator, you are a small business owner, which provides you many opportunities for success through careful planning. However, it's often difficult to know where to go for help. You wisely spend your time making your business profitable, which means you don't always have time to look for guidance in areas that are important to your business and to your family.

That's why you need The Alliance as your business partner. We've already done the research and spent the time to find the best products and services you need to run your business. We've made them all available in one place at a significant savings to our partners.

Your partnership investment in The Alliance is only $10.00 monthly and your benefits start immediately.