American Central Transport (ACT)

EFFECTIVE 01-01-99

Starting Pay OTR Drivers
Starting pay for all OTR drivers is .35 per mile for all dispatched miles, loaded or empty. Increases will be .01 per mile annually, with a maximum total pay at .38 per mile.

Regional and Dedicated
Starting pay for Regional or Dedicated drivers is .33 per mile for all dispatched miles, loaded or empty. Increases will be .01 per mile, annually, with a maximum total pay at .36 per mile.

Team Drivers
Starting pay for all Team drivers is .40 per mile (split) for all dispatched miles, loaded or empty. Increases will be .01 per mile, annually, with a maximum total pay at .43 per mile (split).

Drive 11,000 dispatched miles as a solo driver or 16,000 dispatched miles as a team and receive an extra .01 per mile for all dispatched miles driven in that month. Maximum monthly bonus for a solo driver not to exceed $125.00. Maximum monthly bonus for a team driver not to exceed $250.00.

Included as part of your regular mileage pay is a per diem or non-taxable amount for road expenses you incur while away from home. The per diem amounts are .07 per mile for solo drivers and .10 per mile for teams.

There is a guarantee of at least $400.00 per week if you are available for dispatch Monday thru Friday and you deliver on time.

ACT will begin paying to any driver who recruits a company driver, owner/operator, fleet owner or lease/purchase driver, .01 cent per mile for every dispatched mile loaded or empty. The .01 cent per mile will become a part of your regular pay and will continue for a period of one (1) year from the day the new hire starts or till the date of termination if driver leaves in less than one (1) year.

Performance Review - can be eligible for Life Insurance based on 90 days of continual service and approved by the Review Committee. (See Employee Manual).

Base Pay Adjustment - If performance warrants, you can receive .01 cent per mile up to .38 cents per mile as an OTR driver, up to .36 per mile as a Regional or Dedicated driver, or up to .43 per mile as a team. Some requirements that must be meet are:
1) 110,000 miles OTR division
90,000 miles Regional and Dedicated division
200,000 miles Teams
2) No accidents
3) Company Polices and procedures must be adhered to.
4) Raise must be approved by the Review Committee.

If you receive a floor load and must unload, you will be paid up to $100.00 to unload yourself or hire a lumper. You will be paid $50.00 for any Goodyear loads or any insulation loads that you assist on (ie...Certainteed, OCF, Schuller or any other driver assist loads).
NOTE: The following requirements must be met to earn unloading pay
1) Customer must sign BOL DRIVER UNLOAD.
2) All paperwork must be completed properly. ( Special emphasis on Certainteed tally sheets.)
3) Delivery appointments must be met. Unloading pay will be forfeited without an acceptable reason for being late.

For each stop other than the origin and final destination, you receive $20.00 per stop.

If you have any layover of more than 24 hours from the empty time to next reload time, you will earn $50.00 in layover pay, provided you deliver on time, you have available hours to accept a load, you are not at your home or home terminal, and weekend layover is not in effect.

If dispatched less than 400 miles from Friday to Monday, if you are away from home and the trip(s) does not take you to or through home you will receive an additional $50.00 pay.( Mileage includes all dispatched miles loaded and empty.)

You earn one (1) week paid vacation after one full year of continuous employment. Two (2) weeks after two (2) years, three (3) weeks after seven (7) years and four (4) weeks after fifteen (15) years. Vacation pay will be calculated by averaging taxable compensation for 12 months prior to current anniversary. (Taxable Wages earned divided by 52 weeks = vacation pay.) Each year you will be given the option of taking only one (1) week of vacation pay in lieu of taking time off. It will be paid on the your next anniversary date. For years of more than one week, you will be required to take time off before your next anniversary date. Vacation can not be carried over.

OTHER BENEFITS: Medical Insurance:
Driver Cost - $ 12.73 per week
Family - $66.58 per week

Life Insurance: $15,000.00 Included in Health Plan for employee

Dental Insurance:
Driver Cost - $ 3.06 per week
Family - $ 7.08 per week

125 - Premium Redirect
401 - K Retirement

Now hiring from these states: MS,AL,GA,TX,OK,KS,NE,IA,MO,AR,TN,KY,IL, IN and OH