Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS)

Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) is celebrating four decades of service. Sam London, founder, started DAS in New York in 1954 as a drive away company. Rick LaForge (son-in-law) became active in DAS in 1968. While continuing the drive-away business, we naturally branched into brokering cars, acting as a liaison between customers and the auto transports looking for traffic. We quickly earned a reputation in the industry of being very demanding of quality/service commitments. The brokerage business prospered and Sam London's son, Robert London, moved to Los Angeles to open our next facility in 1974. Business prospered, but we realized that we lost control when the cars reached the outside carriers. In 1988, the partners met and invited Sam London's other son, Rick London, into the business to establish our trucking company. The drive-away business was finally dissolved in 1994 so we could focus on the modern demands of our retail and corporate clientele.

From our humble beginnings to our current worldwide service, Dependable Auto Shippers has never lost sight of our customer's or our goals. We currently own over 70 state-of-the-art, satellite tracked transports driven by over 140 professional team drivers. As we prepare for the next century, DAS intends to continue in our effort to exceed our customer's expectations by providing the safest, most efficient vehicle relocation services available today; all provided at a very competitive cost.