Fikes Truck Line

Fikes Is 100% Owner/Operator

Fikes Truck Line, Inc. is 100 percent owner/operator and committed to staying that way. This commitment, in addition to its strong customer base, has made Fikes one of the premier owner/operator companies. Our contractors know this. They don't have to be confused about who comes first.

To Better Serve The Contractor, We Offer...

Cargo & Liability Insurance:
Fikes Truck Line provides cargo and liability insurance at no cost to the contractor.v
Comdata Fuel Card:
Fikes Truck Line allows you to use a Comdata Fuel Card for convenient fueling with deductions made out of a settlement at the end of each week.

Home Weekends by Choice:
We here at Fikes know how important home time is to you. We get you home to spend the time with your family that you need.

Weekly Settlement:
Fikes Truck Line pays you every week for the loads you have turned in by cut