Fortune Xpress

We Pay 85% of 100%
We mean what we say. We pay our drivers 85 percent of 100 percent of the gross revenue on each load they haul. Our owner operators appreciate this pay program.

Weekly Pay
Settlements are electronically deposited each Monday. Our drivers are paid from a Friday to Friday week. We pay 100 percent of fuel surcharges and assessorial fees to you such as stop pay, detention pay, etc.

Affordable Health, Life, Dental & Vision Care
We have an excellent package designed for you and your family's needs.
License and Insurance
Fortune Xpress offers a base plate and insurance program with easy weekly payments.

Family Rider Program
There is no waiting period for immediate family members or children 5 years and older.

Fleet Discounts
We offer discounted fuel, tires, parts, truck washes and services on our national networks.

Fuel Card Provided
We use Comdata's fuel card and Comchek services. We provide TripPak free of charge.

Satellite Communications & In-Cab E-mail
Our satellite system is not required, but is affordable and an excellent way for you to send and receive information about your loads.

Fuel Taxes Maintained
Fortune Xpress maintains your fuel taxes for you!