Freymiller Trucking - D & M Carriers

Owners/Operators> Strong Solos Welcome - Teams Preferred

We pay by mileage or percentage

$.80 our trailer (loaded or empty miles), $.01 after one year, $.02 after two years
81% Owner/Operator Trailer - 71% Our Trailer

100% pass-through of fuel surcharge equal to $1.15 per gallon
Settlements weekly (EFS direct deposit available) 72 hour same pay week
Oklahoma base plates furnished
Permits furnished
Cargo & liability insurance furnished
Trip pak
Loading/unloading fees
Low rates on physical damage insurance
Health insurance available
Retirement bonus program

Costs are as follows:

Maintenance shop open to owner/operators at D&M Services($55.00 hourly rate)
$100.00 per week for escrow, up to $1,500
$38.00 per week/per driver for occpuational accident insurance
$7.50 per week for bobtail insurance