Hiner Transport

Hiner Transport was established in Huntington, Indiana in 1967 by Homer F. Hiner and was operated as an additional business to his diesel repair shop. Mr. Hiner started by hauling grain and eventually dairy products. In 1968, Hiner Transport evolved from a small family business to a diversified provider of transportation services throughout the continental United States and Ontario, Canada.
In June of 1999 and after over 32 years of continued customer satisfaction, Hiner Transport was purchased by Service First Corporation and has seen continued growth and diversity.
Hiner Transport is headquartered in Huntington, Indiana and offers local, regional and national transportation services with offices in Huntington and Indianapolis, Indiana, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Calhoun, Georgia.
We offer each customer customized transportation services, logistical co-ordination, professional and knowledgeable personnel, modern equipment and on-time claim free delivery.
Each shipment is carefully tracked across each mile using our state-of-the-art satellite tracking system.
Our Drivers are safe and courteous and have proven expertise and ability. We are proud to have several nationally recognized driving professionals awarded by the American Trucking Association.
For every mile traveled on The Hiner Highway, successes and failures were met, challenges accepted, as customers and employees helped fulfill goals and dreams. Every new mile continues to make a difference in our lives as we continue on The Hiner Highway.
We look forward to serving your company!