Hornady Transportation

What’s Happening?

January 2010

Company Driver Update

Our new home time policy is working very well. Most of our drivers are enjoying every weekend with their families and still running good miles. Our Over the Road drivers are averaging between 2300 to 2400 miles per week. With our current pay program, this gives a driver with less than one-year experience the opportunity to earn over $44,000 the first year with Hornady Transportation. A driver with seven years or more experience when hired has the opportunity to earn over $52,000 yearly. These estimates are based on a driver just averaging 2300-mile each week. Of course, the opportunity to run more miles is available to any driver that wants to run harder and make more money.

Starting in January, we are again updating our fleet with new trucks. We have new International 9200I series units coming each month. Our new truck assignments are not solely based on seniority. We also, consider work performance, paperwork issues and fleet assignments when upgrading drivers into newer units. All of our units have Qualcomm communications to increase your ability to earn more money and be safer. If something happens on the road, you don’t have to waste time finding a telephone to call for help.

To help you keep as much of your money as you can, we offer a Per Diem program to increase your net take home pay. Per Diem is a legal tax deduction that is available to any driver when they file their taxes. In order to take advantage of the deduction on your taxes, you must itemize your deductions. If you file non-itemized taxes, you cannot take advantage of this deduction. If you choose to participate in the program, this deduction is available every week that you get paid. This is strictly a voluntary program. For some drivers, Per Diem gave them additional take home earnings equivalent to an extra two cent for all miles run.

We rolled out our Lease Purchase program and had several drivers take advantage of it. This program features both –“no money down” to get into it and a “walk away” clause if things don’t work out. The unit comes with all tie-down equipment required and a headache rack. The trucks are also equipped with Qualcomm communications equipment for your convenience. When you get the truck, it is ready to be placed under a load.

Independent Contractors Update

Hornady Transportation is pleased to announce a new and improved Independent Contractors Compensation Program. Our current program pays the Independent Contractors 70% of the Gross Revenue produced excluding fuel surcharges. All fuel surcharges are passed to our Independent Contractors at 100 percent.EffectiveJanuary 1, 2006, we will offer our Independent Contractors the opportunity to be paid an additional 4% on their weekly-adjusted revenues . This incentive program goes beyond the 70% compensation documented in our contract. Any week an Independent Contractor produces revenues of $2,400.00 or more, excluding fuel surcharges and accessorial charges, they will receive 74% of the revenues produced that week. This 4% incentive will be paid weekly. It will appear as a separate line item on the settlement statement whenever the weekly-adjusted revenue is $2,400.00 or more. Hornady Transportation values our Independent Contractors and wants to reward the Independent Contractors who work hard for their families. With this increase, our Independent Contractors have the ability to put another $5,000.00 plus in their pockets each year. In 2005 Hornady’s top Contractor earned over $131,000 without this incentive, plus had excellent home time.

Currently, our Contractors are averaging $1.16 for loaded and empty miles. On top of this, they are averaging an additional $.32 a mile more for fuel surcharges and accessorial pay. This averages to a $1.48 per mile load and empty. With our compensation being percentage, as freight rates are adjusted, our Contractors receive the benefits of the new rates immediately. This is why we don’t pay by the mile. We have plenty of freight to keep them moving and the best opportunity to make the most money in the least amount of miles.

Visit our website @ www.hornadytransportation.com and click on our Lease Purchase, Owner Operator or Driver Recruiting button to learn more about the opportunities we offer or call us at 800-441-4271. Don’t delay, we have limited positions.