J-Mar Trucking

Margaret and Jerald Jaye founded J-MAR Trucking in 1984. the company started with 22 trucks, mostly cab-over Peterbilts. The primary lanes of service were between the southern states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida to Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota. In 1986, the company was relocated to it's present home on Highway 21 in Atmore, Alabama.

In 1987 J-Mar started focusing on a more driver oriented environment, to this end conventional Freightliners with Caterpillar or Cummins engines were introduced to the fleet. By this time, J-MAR had grown to 50 trucks.

Mr. Clyde Fuller purchased J-MAR Trucking on June 15, 1995. At that time there were approximately 100 trucks in the fleet. The company's service area changed somewhat after the purchase. With a vision for growth and quality, Mr. Fuller, Chairman, incorporated a strategy to include the West Coast in the primary lanes of traffic. This strategy opened up the market for team operations and the use of condos in the truck fleet. Through the efforts of Mr. Fuller the company has grown to 600+ trucks.