National Carriers

Here at National Carriers we understand our success is directly tied to the quality of operators we hire. Historically there has always been a waiting list to work for National Carriers. We are now set up to hire every qualified operator / driver that wants to join the Elite fleet. The average turnover for our various fleets is less than half the industry average. That says a lot about how well we work together. We know our operators by their face and voice not just by their truck number.

Our compensation package is one of the best in the industry. We have a variety of leasing and driving opportunities to satisfy your needs. Please take some time to look at our Benefits, Opportunities and Qualifications sections. If you have any questions we will be glad to sit and chat with you. We guarantee you'll like what you hear from the Elite fleet.

* O/O must have 2 years OTR and be at least 23 years old
* May not have more than one ticket per year in the past three years
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