Power Source Transportation

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and look over the following information about Powersource Transportation, Inc.

Powersource Transportation is the premier nationwide power-only trucking company that transports anything on its own wheels except mobile homes. We have the highest earnings average in the industry, without exception.

Take a look at what Powersource Transportation, Inc. can do for you:

- 72% of line haul
- 100% fuel surcharge
- Monthly toll allowance
- 50% advance on load
- Weekly settlements
- Direct deposit
- Base plate incentive program (first plate provided)
- No loading or unloading
- No tarping
- Strictly drop and hook
- First in / First out dispatch

In addition to the above benefits, Powersource Transportation also has Safety incentive programs. At 80,000 loaded accident free miles within a calendar year, we pay for base plates. But wait, there's more! Contact us to find out what you get for 90,000 and 96,000 loaded accident free miles.

We, at Powersource Transportation, feel you owe it to yourself, your family, your career, and the return on your investment, to discover the opportunities that await you in the power only business.