R & M Enterprises

R&M Enterprises, Inc. is a refrigerated carrier that primarily hauls meat from the midwest to the west coast and produce back to the midwest area.

R&M was founded on the premise of providing our customers with a service that is second to none. R&M's dedication for responding to the customers needs is still our number one priority.

To meet the individual needs of perspective owner operators we have 3 pay packages. All pay packages are subject to the following:

Equipment Specifications
The tractor can be no more than 3 years old and be able to pass a prelease on inspection at the R&M facility. The inspection is at no cost to the owner operator.

Plates and Permits
You are responsible for paying for plates and permits. We will pre-pay for both plates and permits for you and deduct the amount from no more than 4 consecutive settlements. Plates will run approximately $1126 per tractor for the year 2000 and $100 for permits.

R&M furnishes cargo and liability insurance. Physical damage insurance may be purchased through R&M at a cost of 1.5% of the insured value. Bobtail insurance may be purchased for $15.00 per month. R&M requires you to carry workers compensation insurance, which can be purchased through us for $88.00 per month or driver. R&M's insurance is handled through ACE U.S.A. Ins. Co.

R&M will require all owner operators to have a qualcomm satellite system on board. R&M will pay for the installation and the owner operator will pay a $50.00 per month service charge.