Southern Pines Trucking, Inc


Southern Pines Trucking, Inc


Southern Pines Trucking is actively seeking experienced, hazmat-certified company drivers. While most lanes are east of the Mississippi River, nationwide routes are available.

We are also seeking experienced independent contractors, including those with specialized equipment. We have several terminals in key locations throughout the country, near primary customer locations.

Drivers should have detailed knowledge of flatbed trucking, especially in regards to the over-the-road lifestyle. Drivers will be issued all of the proper uniforms and clearance information.

For more information, please call 1-800-832-6748

Standard Compensation:

Experience Level

Compensation Level


$500 / week

1-2 years

$.38 / mile

2-5 years

$.39 / mile

5+ years

$.40 / mile

Driver Benefits:

Family Medical and Health Benefits

401(k) with Company Match

Paid Holidays

Paid Vacation

Southern Pines Trucking is committed to being an industry leader in the safe hauling of hazmat materials. All drivers must successfully complete a rigorous driver training and development course before they begin their employment. This comprehensive instruction includes both over-the-road and classroom training.

Southern Pines' paid training program is required for all of our drivers. This program is designed to reinforce our securement methods and our drivers' already high safety standards. Our course also provides over-the-road lifestyle skills as part of our commitment to the success of each newly hired driver.

Regardless of experience, every driver is given instruction on general hazardous materials, radioactive-specific and security plan information. At the conclusion of the training sessions, the drivers are tested prior to completion of the course. Once completed, each driver is provided a Hazardous Material Handbook as a field reference. This handbook supports Southern Pines Trucking's strong commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.