Stidham Trucking Inc.

Driver Guidelines as evidenced by Commercial MVR

Drivers 25-70 years old preferred
  • Must have appropriate license for equipment being operated
  • 2 years experience driving similar equipment in last 3 years
  • No more than 1 suspension and reinstatement in last 3 years for non-moving violation reasons
  • No major violations in the last 3 years. Major violations include:
    • All alcohol and drug related offenses
    • Leaving the scene of an accident
    • Driving while license is suspended or revoked
    • Reckless, negligent or careless driving
    • Speed in excess of 20mph over posted speed limit
  • Not more than 3 minor violations during last 36 months with no more than 2 in the proceeding 12 months.
    Note: Minor violations includes tickets for moving violations and unsafe/defective equipment
  • No more than 1 at fault accident during the last 3 years
    Note: An accident is considered an at fault accident unless the insured or driver can produce acceptable evidence to show they were not the negligent party
Drivers ages 23 - 25
Must meet all of the above qualifications with these additional limitations:
  • No major violations
  • Not more than 2 minor violations in last 36 months with not more than 1 in the proceeding 12 months
  • No at fault accidents

Drivers under age 23
  • Must be discussed with underwriting

Drivers over 70
  • Must submit acceptable medical certificates every 6 months

Drivers outside these guidelines may be discussed with underwriting.