Triple Crown Services

TCS offers the following:

* Home terminal most nights
* Weekly settlements
* Steady year round work
* Excellent rates
* ComData fuel cards
* On the road mechanical assistance
* Collision insurance
* Health / Dental / Life insurance
* Assistance for base plates
* Safety and service bonuses
* State of the art dispatch program
* Effortless communriver Requirements

To qualify as a TCS owner operator, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

* 23 years of age
* 1 year tractor/trailer experience within last 6 months
* Class A CDL with Haz/Mat endorsement
* Provide a late model tractor
* Safe driving record
* Pass government required substance abuse test
* Pass a DOT physical examination and meet all other DOT requirements
* Successful completion of a background investigation
* Be able to speak, read and write in the English language
* Provide 47 - 49 weeks of in service availability
* Additional requirements for qualification may also be imposed. No determination can be made on your eligibility until your qualification paperwork is received and reviewed by TCS representatives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Tractor Specification

TCS may aid you in the process of obtaining a tractor if you do not currently own one. TCS will assume no financial responsibility for your tractor payments or your qualification for a tractor loan.

If you own your own tractor or plan to provide one from an outside source, it must meet the following specifications:

* Tandem axle
* TCS prefers that the tractor weigh 18,500 lbs. or less.
* Tractors must be equipped with a 24-inch sliding fifth wheel, mounted to slide 12 inches ahead of and 12 inches to the rear of center. Our fifth wheel mounting requirements are 47 maximum from the ground.
* Must be in good mechanical and cosmetic condition and must pass a current DOT inspection at an authorized TCS location. DOT inspections must be done every 6 months.
* TCS prefers that the wheelbase be 212 or under.
* Note: Because of the weight and height of our 53 ft. trailers, the above requirements are very important. Please contact your TCS representative with any exceptions to the above specifications.ication system